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This isn't just a review for this CenturyLink in Colorado, it's for the whole company. I'm actually in a BBB dispute with them at the moment too. They are the worst, and I mean WORST in terms of any kind of service, be it customer or internet or phone, and their bundling services are a joke.

From the beginning I had a problem with their customer service. And for a while everything went ok, not great, but passable. Then my internet started acting up, all the time. Their customer service people blamed everything but themselves. They even blamed me. They also blames the building I live in and how old it is, and the AT&T tower on the roof of the building. I had also bundled my Verizon bill with them, and when I had added on a landline through them, by bundle got messed up. It took them more than two months to get that figured out. I even tried to pay them, and was treated extremely rudely, being told that I needed to pay it through Verizon, and that my plan was not bundled. Even though Verizon told me my bill was already taken care of through CenturyLink. CenturyLink (lack of) customer service hung up on me 3 times and told me it was my fault for getting a landline and changing my service. I gave up trying to pay them. Now they're fighting me on the charges I refuse to pay because they didn't want my money 2 months ago. And they wasted my time... I was on the phone for at least half the day trying to pay my Verizon bill through them only to be treated like I was an ***. Guess who's calling the kettle black in this scenario?

So, now I have internet service through Dish.... And guess what? NO PROBLEMS AT ALL! No dropping signal, no weak signal, no problems.

CenturyLink are liars, have horrible internet and phone services, the worst billing system imaginable, and have the worst customer service out there. I hope their business goes under, because no one should be treated the way I was, NO ONE!

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Dont know of you realize ths but your Internet service through Dish is most likely still being provided by Centurylink as a wholesale account. They resell it under the Dish name.

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