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This is not what I normally do,that is write reviews and complain on a public forum but this is ,without question,the singular most unethical and dishonest company I have dealt with ever.My experience started almost exactly a year from today.

They first lied about the billing amount ,they lied about the quality ( actually lack of quality ) and lied about everything else you could name. Long story shorter, I relocated to a new office recently where Wi- Fi is included and needed to return the modem. At least that was what I was told by their customer service rep. After attempting to contact them online ,which is purposefully difficult, unless you are a new SUCKER.

Or if you prefer ,CHUMP,MARK or VICTIM. Can you tell I am not a fan ? Anyway,after finally getting hold of a "customer service representative" I cannot call it Customer Service. More like passive aggressive trained baboons.

Was told a mailing label was being sent to my address and I had to use their official UPS label to return the equipment. Label never arrives. I then called and was put through to another passive aggressive trained baboon. Let me be clear about this,I received confirmation numbers both times.

as if this was a legitimate response. The second phone call was some *** named Daniel in Springfield ,Mo who had difficulty spelling and pronouncing my name. Three times I had to spell it out. I was this close to asking him if he were really that *** or , was he just f*****g with me?

Never have I experienced such stumbling, duh ? idiocy in my life. (Unless you count the DMV and other assorted Government agencies wherein one may find an abundance of Petty Tyrants with an IQ around 80) Final ,final, my Husband decided to cut to the chase and return the equipment to the local store. The reception was as expected.

A 20 something, mannish boy drone behind the counter who cannot make eye contact nor even pretend to care. *BEWARE* This company makes Comcast look like a benevolent and charitable organization. Now that is really saying something. The following saying applies to Century Link and their employees,,'How can you tell when they are lying?" ...

"Their lips are moving." Do not fall for their dishonest offers,they bill whatever they want. Their internet service is the worst I have seen. It is like the old cell phone services with tons of dropped calls and unexplained service fees blah blah blah.. Most of all ,their so called "Customer Service " zombies are entirely dishonest,unethical and incomparably dumb.

I know this is harsh but I am sickened by these new lows of lying and cheating. I am in my mid fifties and pretty well educated ,not a genius ,but reasonably intelligent. Tolerant and patient. The tolerance and patience is over.

I am complaining to the end of time from now forward. Century Link is awful.

Do not use their service.There,I feel better already.

This reviewer shared experience about poor customer service and wants this business to issue a full refund as the author lost $100. This person is overall dissatisfied with Centurylink. The most disappointing about centurylink business internet at Centurylink was it is to bad to describe Reviewer wants customer support to reach our to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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As a former employee.....My BEST way to ensure MY honesty....

I would give the customer my First & Last name & offered to send an immediate email. (to help support my truthfulness). Ps.... My Supervisor would NOT permit us to disclose his last name.

* I say former employee..... Because .. I could not meet the sales QUOTA REQUIREMENTS & take care of customers...

Just like you.* I am so sorry!!!!!

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