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I agreed to a two year service agreement of 132$ a month for Internet (20 meg) and whole home dvr setup. Got my first bill for 410!

I called and they could not even explain the bill, and to cancel I would have to pay the 410 and a 300$ disconnect fee and 12 months of service fee! Customer service is the worst by far to top it off, I was with cox communications for 6 years but it was a little pricey but always had great customer service where as Josh with century link (complete retard) couldn't even email me anything on my service agreement, on my disconnection, nothing! I wouldn't ever recommend them to even the terrorist because they themselves are terrorist using deceptive practices, lies, and they tell you while we can't explain why you have to pay 410$ you just have to pay it and suck it up! What ***!

I called cox asap and they locked me in with a whole home dvr for 6 recordings at once, 150 meg Internet n all the tv packages for 179$! Sure is alot less than 410$ per month with century link when I signed an agreement for 132$! Not to mention a 300$ disconnect few and a charge for 12 months of service for disconnecting!

Which was never disclosed ever!!!! Don't deal with terrorism!!!

Monetary Loss: $1500.

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My deep sympathies.

Call Iowa Public Utilities Board and file your complaint.

PUB Telephone: 877.565.4450

A written complaint is recommended


Every state has their own PUB or PUC

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