CenturyLink is not only the worst ISP in the world, but is indisputably the worst provider of any service in human history.

300-500ms latency spikes at all times. Always over 50ms to the first hop (usually several times that.) Even with ancient technology this is not realistically possible. The only explanation is that their NIDs and hubs are nests of baling wire.

CenturyLink's only goal is to be useless at everything at all times.

There is obviously nothing they can do to remedy the "problem"; the problem is that they exist.

Chapter 11 was written for this company.

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Mansfield, Ohio, United States #1241889

Definitely NO accountability for the lack of competency when change orders are made or service is ordered. When a person's income relies on service reliability I would definitely NEVER recommend this ISP if you have other options.

On my job if I delivered as Centurylink does I would definitely NOT have any respect not to mention a position!!!

Shame on you all that make the decisions related to service and customer relations!!! By FAR the worst service provider in all arenas!!

Stephenville, Texas, United States #1224038

I agree and they lie about the service they provide


agreed. This company needs to be burned down


I have had CL Internet for almost 3 years now, my hair has gone gray, blood pressure has skyrocketed, etc. This company is THE WORST INTERNET PROVIDER.....EVER!

They tell me they can boost my speed at an additional cost.

Why would I want faster, UNRELIABLE service?

I work from home, but after losing out on a $40k bid, because I couldn't upload a file, I am leaving this POS company. If you need internet, DON'T USE CENTURY LINK, they are using last century technology!


I have had nothing but bad from them for the past 6 months.... first, lightning hit near my house....

fried the modem and everything connected to it.... you would think they would offer to replace my TV... but no all they did was replace their router and cable box.

We initially came in on a deal, and when the prices went up we requested they drop the cable TV but keep the Internet... they promised a drop in price and more discounts if we do auto pay....

I told them I would do autopay when I see my bill come down... has not happened yet. Not only that but every time we call they say well pay for it this month and we will discount next month if you do auto pay.

I told THEM I do not trust them to bill correctly and they will not have access to my account until they give me a correct bill.

They would not change the rates so we asked them to drop it down to internet only whereupon we were transferred to the "retention" department who proceeded to tell us what a "deal" we were getting and would not offer any discounts. The "deal" was $40 per month more than we were previously being charged.

We told them to drop us to Internet only and stop trying to suck us in by lying to us. Some retention.


We have zero choice for internet so we're stuck with Centurylink. We call customer service when it drops out of existence and we're told our area (Umatilla Or) is due for an upgrade which may happen someday. Thanks for nothing Centurylink.


Worst provider ive ever had. They lie about strength its slow as ***. Cant stream


Centurylink is THE worst product, by THE worst company I have ever dealt with in 44 years.

Ocala, Florida, United States #869576

About 6 months ago I had CenturyLink and I was paying the ridiculous price of $35 a month for 1.5Mbps, while lord knows what the upload was... Everyone in my house has a Netflix account and something else that connects to the internet, whether it be their cell phone or a laptop, and if we were all trying to watch something at night there would be constant buffering problems and even slower than advertised speeds.

I called them and asked them why my internet was so slow because when I had Comcast we paid less for better speeds.. Their only reply was saying they couldn't see anything wrong with the connection from their office but if they sent someone out to look for a problem it would cost ME money. And if I wanted faster internet I would just have to pay for the upgrade.

I was shocked lol.

Needless to say I canceled right there and switched back over to Comcast. *** Centurylink.

to ***CenturyLink Ocala, Florida, United States #869579

Also now that I've been reading other comments I just remembered when I would be downloading movies / tv shows, the peak download speeds never passed 100mbps. Centurylink is a SCAM.

to ***Centurylink #990243

You think that's bad? I had once paid $45 a month for 1 Mbps speed. Be happy that's all you paid.

Cumming, Iowa, United States #867175

Not only is the service complete *** as others have posted, but they are completely useless as a company. I had two lines in my house with DSL connected to one.

I wanted to turn off the line with DSL but move the service to the other house line. I called and begged them to plan this so I wouldn't lose my lovely 3Mbps service because I work from home. We got a special project manager involved to make sure it was done right. The day came, service got dropped of course and when I tired to get it re-established they told me the capacity was instantly consumed so all they could give me was dial up.

If there is a worse provider and or company out there in the world I would be shocked.

Oh, the kicker was when all was said and done and 4 weeks later I finally got re-established, I get a call from a customer sat lady asking to talk about the situation. I asked her to read all the comments made in the file during the process and then call me.

She told me she didn't have access to the information. Brilliant!

Arizona, United States #861458

I agree with you. This being my 3rd year with century link, they still provide *** service even with the upgrades that i have purchased from them.

I paid extra to have 40ms Latency. But guess what? Nah its more like 300ms, A little word of advice to anyone who sees this dont trust this provider dont give into their sales. They are just bullshitting you its ridiculous.

Yes before you ask i have tried to call up there and see whats going on and they say that theres nothing they could do. maybe its just how many people u have on your net. I live by myself with a laptop only connected to the internet, the internet can barely handle netflix.

Im done writing about this poor excuse of a provider. Thanks for reading


i had the very same issue. I spent many hours with customer support and the local store.

had a Century Link tech come out and he said everything is fine even though when trying to ping you get timeouts.

basically told me "TS" then asked me if I wanted to switch more of my businesses over to them. I thought "WTF" why would you ask that when I just told you I have to switch to a different ISP because you latency causes my POS to time out which means no sales can be processed.

Fort Myers, Florida, United States #767194

Had centurylink DSL for 3 yrs or more .no problems - paying for 3 Mbps getting 2.9 to 3 with several devices at all times. maybe people should research their locations , distance from switching stations or whatever else has an effect on speed before signing up.

Research before signing up for any service involving a commitment--- sat tv , cable , cell phone , whatever.

There are worse ISPs out there . .

to Not a rep #814186

You are one of three people who like to BS others into believing such nonsense. The other 99.9999999999% know otherwise.

to watchdog for Clink #832855

He is probably a century link provider -_-

to Not a rep Ocala, Florida, United States #869578

Definitely a CenturyLink rep.

to Not a rep #878892

There are not other providers where I live.

to sdfdsddf #1199483

Me either. I would pay ten times as much to escape the Century Link demons.

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