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Worst customer service on the phone EVER. Called the 1800 number and some girl picked it up like it was a house phone and said "hello??" I had to double check my screen and made sure I called a 1800 number. Didn't even introduce herself. I explained to her about the bill I received and she had a horrible attitude and said hold on, then transferred me to someone else without my knowledge..... So here I am having to explain myself all over again!

Basically we got the bundle with direct tv. We had centurylink Internet and wanted high speed.... It kept shutting down on us so we called for customer support. They were no help. 2 weeks later we ended up switching to another carrier. Come to find out they said we never got the high speed Internet (I remember specifically asking for high speed) anyways.. So I cancelled. They said they'd mail me a prorated bill.. Got the bill and it was a whopping $180!!! It shouldn't even be that high for choosing the bundle and second for using it for 2 weeks. Anyways, spoke to the nice gentleman and reread me the paragraph he sent in for a report. Even told me they had that 30 day refund. So after everything, I asked if I'm going to get another surprise bill and he said I shouldn't.

Couple days later... I get a mail from centurylink's debt collector!!!! so I call them again and told them that last I spoke to someone they said I shouldn't get anything til 2 weeks. The guy said there's no note on there and he said you should just pay it, so I was in rage and told him I'm not going to pay $180 for something that I used for 2 weeks and that was their "prorated bill" he was no help. I made him reread the "note" he put in but I wouldn't be surprised if I called again and they said no one put in a note and you should pay it.

I am so upset with the service and overcharging me for something that my husband and I couldn't even use for the 2 weeks that we had with them.

Review about: Centurylink Bundle.

Monetary Loss: $180.

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Sorry to hear about your experience trying our service and the billing issues. Send us your account number and we will look into this for you.


Corey Tidwell

Centurylink Help Team

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