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So as this horrible experience started I moved my home phone number to vonage to save some money and to get their most expensive internet and highest speed 40 Mbps. Once the number was transferred I called them up to upgrade my internet and they told me a account cancellation was in order. I asked why or if it could be stopped and the person said they didnt know why and could not stop it. Few days later our internet was shut off completely. We called to get it reconnected and they said they could not for 30 days we tried to find out why or get this time span changed and got nowhere. We tried again in a few days and delt with the worst suprivisors ever not only could they not help they completely treated us like thieves for trying to switch our home phone when we wanted to buy their most expensive internet plan in its place. We had to call over 5 times and none of their customer service could help till the last that said for some reason the system wont let them reconnect our line but we could sign up as a new customer. Annoyed and angry we told them fine do that and guess what it took 20 days to get them to plug it in for the bogus reason they had to send a tech to install a phone filter so we cant use the line with a home phone.

We had to use a cricket 3g internet adapter for a month just to have any form of internet which is required to have a home phone through vonage. After the long wait and finally getting the internet hooked up it worked fine for 1 week then low and behold the internet was dead without reason.

We dealt with customer service again and they told us it would take around 10 days to send a tech to diagnose the problem... But finally we had a customer service lady who thought that was wrong so she called and got the days bumped down to about 4.

So when the tech came and said the line had been disconnected by "mistake" in their phone node and they plugged it back in. The internet working again would be a good thing right? Wrong a month later the internet died mysteriously again and so here we were on the phone again with customer service and they again told us 7-8 days to fix it. The lady worked with us and called the techs directly who said they had time in 2 days to fix it. They didn't know why the system said 8 days.

When the tech came they said our line wire had been physically cut and they fixed it up for us without further issue and even came to our house and checked our box to be sure that would fix it. Explain to me how JUST OUR internet was unplugged and physically cut and all our neighbors internet was fine and they use century link too.

By far centurylink is the worst company i have ever had the displeasure of dealing with. We had to fight them on everything just to get them to do their job. I cannot even believe they are still in business when they treat their customers like a bunch of manure. Wouldnt surprise me if the suprivisors who were a complete and total a holes to us were the ones who unplugged it and cut the wire. Its like the only qualification to be a suprivisor at century link is treat customers like worthless manure and dont by any means try to help them, just let them be pissed and rub it in their face that century link is the only provider offering the speeds you need. Truly i wish i was making this up atleast then it would be a funny story, but sadly its true and oh so bitterly true.

Cut your losses and just go with any other company. Pay more if you have to its worth it! Even when our internet works we never get near our 40 Mbps connection, we are lucky to get 15 Mbps to 25 Mbps. We never were able to get that promised 40 Mbps, or even the promised 1.5 Mbps upload speed. I never thought i would miss qwest but atleast they kept our internet up and had nice customer service if it stopped working. Sure they were overpriced but it worked which is worth it! If you have to pay a bit more for internet from another company do it by all means you will thank yourself in the future!

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