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I signed up for one year for $29.99(ish) a month, which I had to set to auto pay. Fine... but I didn't get a bill for 2 months. I called after the first month and they told me there wasn't a bill generated yet (WHAT?). I was told to wait for the bill. After 1.5 months I called again wondering where my bill was. I was told again that there was a bill and that it was $80.00(something). She said I could pay for it online, which is great, but I wanted to see a fricken bill and not just pay them! She said I could make an account online and it would show me a digital bill.

So I tried to set up my account online, but you need some security code. It told me I could get the code from by bill, by chatting with the rep online or by email. I tried email and never received a code, I chatted with a rep, who after about 25 minutes of questions and junk, told me it would be on my bill. I was furious, I keep telling these people, I DON’T HAVE A BILL, NO ONE WILL SEND ME A BILL, WHERE THE *** IS MY BILL, THIS IS THE PROBLEM. Then she had the audacity to ask me to sign up for Verizon or Direct TV through them to or something?

info: How may I help you today?

BXXXX: I need my security code

TXXX L.: It is an amazing day here at CenturyLink! How can I help to make your day amazing BXXXX?

TXXX L.: I will be very happy to help you log into your MyAccount profile. Please provide me with your account number so we can get started.


TXXX L.: Just to verify that I am speaking with the responsible party on this account, please provide me with your CenturyLink Security Code or your CenturyLink Security Answer. If you have created a Security Answer, the hint that you entered can be provided to you if you do not remember it.

BXXXX: I am asking YOU for my security code, aka i don't have one.

TXXX L.: Sorry, the account number isn't pulling anything up BXXXX.

TXXX L.: What's your email BXXXX?

BXXXX: This is insane! I haven't been able to create an online account and you guys haven't ever sent me a bill and I keep calling and I really just want to pay my bill! Its been over a month of this.

TXXX L.: BXXXX, what's your address please?


TXXX L.: Thank you BXXXX. Your bill just printed on the 1st. Did you receive it yet?


BXXXX: I called and they said they would resend it and that it would take 7 to 10 days. So I typed my account number into the online bill pay and it says my bill is like 87.00 but I want to see a bill before I pay that, cause that seems wrong

TXXX L.: The code will be on that bill, on the upper right.

TXXX L.: I'm checking your initial order to see if the email was on it.

BXXXX: Okay, but inst there a way I can get it now, cause I don't have much faith that it will show up and I don't want late fees and all of that.

TXXX L.: I'm pulling the bill now to ensure it's there. I see the code was just recently sent out via standard mail.

TXXX L.: Your bill that went out on the 1st does have the four digit security code on the first page top right. You'll also get a separate mailing with it as well.

BXXXX: ok can you give me the code?

TXXX L.: It's on it's way! Your first bill has the 29.95 and you want to set up the autopay and paperless before the 2nd bill cycle.

BXXXX: ...ugg okay thanks.

TXXX L.: I'm sorry BXXXX. I noticed you're not taking advantage of the extra credits bundling Verizon or Direct. What are you doing for TV and cell service?

BXXXX: I dont want any of the EXTRA stuff I want to simply pay my bill....

The bill finally came about 2 months after I signed up for service, and it was higher than expected since Autopay hadn’t been set up yet. Fine, whatever I’ll pay it, set up auto pay online and be done with this… so I thought.

I finally was able to get into the online account, with the help of that special, magical security code on my bill. I set up auto pay, and paperless billing.

Then, about 2 weeks later I get an email telling me that Autopay was cancelled or the information was wrong or something? I know the bank info was correct because it makes you type it twice. Anyway, so I logged back in and reset it up.

Then about a week later I get a bill and it says I owe $45.05 for internet (which is supposed to be at $29.99).

I call Century Link again and they tell me the bill is higher because I haven’t signed up for Autopay. I tell them that I did sign up and that it randomly cancelled, I have the email proof, and that I don’t think I should be paying the higher amount since it wasn’t my fault and that I was signed up. She said there was nothing she could do. I asked to speak to a manager, which she said doesn’t exhist. I asked to cancel my account, which she said would cost me $200.00 because of the contract.

I hung up and called back hoping to get a more reasonable person. This guy told me the same junk, that the bill was correct and that he couldn’t do anything. At that point I asked to speak to the legal department, since if this junk continued I would consider legal action (I work at a law firm). He looked for a number for about 15 minutes at which point, he said it didn’t exist. He then transferred me to “Customer Care”.

The Customer Care guy was actually helpful, he listed to a summary of this aforementioned *** and then credited my account. However, of course, we will see if that is actually the case when the bill comes.

I have never hated a company more than this, ever, it is absolutely insane, it seems like a scam to be honest.

This person wrote the review because of problems with payment of centurylink internet from Centurylink and attached a photo. Reviewer claimed that he or she lost $60 and wants Centurylink to "i want to cancel my stupid account- without the termination fee! this company is terrible!!".

The most disappointing in user's experience was customer service, lies about cost and dishonesty. The author asks this business to immediately contact him/ her to briefly discuss his/ her negative experience with the company.

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I am going through the same *** *** right now. I can't get Autopay to work at all though.

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