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I have got direct tv set up and bundles century Link Internet. The first 3 weeks were fine, but now my internet logs on and off by itself, while i got to this page it restarted 4 times in about 3 minutes.

I have called them for 3 days straght and everytime they push it back a day. My internet still has the probem and they dont seem to care and tomorrow never comes.

On top of that when i got my first bill it was double what it should be, they upgraded my internet without asking which added money to the monthly payment and the modem i purchased was double. Do yourself a favor and go with another company, they obviously dont care.

Monetary Loss: $800.

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I now have service however I cannot set voice mail because I need a four digit code to set it up. When I called to get the code, Century Link does not show I have phone service.

My Internet doesn't work because my password isn't correct according to Century Link, even though they sent me an email with the password. I give up


This is by far the worst company I have dealt with. I had my phone service and internet moved from my old house to my new house which was 4 blocks away.

It took an hour on the phone to process this. Seven days into the service I still do not have service. I called them and after an hour and a half of being on the phone with them, it was determined I was assigned a new phone number but was not told it changed. They guaranteed it was fixed.

Seven more days go by and still no service. Another phone call and another hour out of my life. There was a typo on my old phone number but they fixed it and will send out a new modem for my troubles. Day 22.....on the phone for another hour.

How simple can it be for a landline and Internet service to be transferred. I am being told they did not have me listen to a recorded message about their company that's why my service was not connected.

BTW.....they have charged me for 22 days of non-service. No wonder this company is having financial problems.

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