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WORST COMPANY EVER!!!!! All of my schooling is online.

We moved to Salt Lake area in April and I needed to set up the internet right away. With my schooling all on line I am willing to pay the extra money to get fast internet. Someone suggest I try centurylink. It has been the worst nightmare of my life!

I had the internet on for 1 day and THEY cancelled my account and after being on the phone for 3 hours no one could tell me a reason so they set up another account. I really wanted to know the reason it was shut off so I called customer service and I just got the run around, but I did find out that they were going to be charging me for a phone line that I did not order! I made them switch it to just internet. I thought I got things worked out just to find out a week later they AGAIN cancelled my account.

I called and after 2 hours someone, a VERY RUDE lady, came on and told me that they would not do business with me until I faxed them a copy of my social security card, drivers license, and my lease agreement. I said I would never fax that information to ANYONE! It sounded like an identity theft attempt. The lady was rude and told me to fax and I told her that I would go somewhere else.

Now the internet was on a total of 1 week and they are billing me $76 dollars. I have turned them into the BBB, but they keep replying that I must pay. I don't think I should pay for a service that was NEVER provided.

DO NOT GO WITH THIS COMPANY! Customer service is RUDE and I think it is all a scam!!

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I concur.

If there is any company out there that YOU can go get your services - do so, because sooner or later you'll get abused by THE CenturyLink.

Believe me on this one,

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