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We switched to Centurylink to save money and now we're getting less services than before for the same price we were trying to lower. We started out with just internet and our bill was around $50, which was acceptable and what we expected to pay. However, when we tried to add phone service, everything went terribly wrong.

I called them and told them we'd like basic phone service and they said they could offer that for an additional $10 a month. We opted for that deal. Shortly after, when using the internet, we noticed our speeds were so low, they were barely usable. Before we were getting about 6 mbps, we were now getting less than 1. I contacted centurylink about the slow speeds and was told that was the speed that we were supposed to be getting on our plan. They downgraded our internet service without telling us when we added the home phone. The lady I was speaking to offered to get our speeds back up, but we would need to upgrade everything. When I asked how this would affect our bill, she assured me it would be around $70 a month and that this was a NO CONTRACT package.

We went to pay our current bill and found that it was already $20 higher than usual. I figured we were paying the prorated price up front. The following bill was for $93! What did I pay for last month and what am I being charged for now? I also got a confirmation of services notifying me that if I were to cancel, we'd have to pay an early termination fee of over $200! What happened to no contract? I've spoken to 4 different reps and none of them would do anything to lower our bill. We also repeatedly have to cancel their *** virus protection plan that we don't want or need, but they keep adding it to our bill.

I was told to expect adjustments on this current bill (I know they're capable of waiving the fees, because they've done it before, but refuse to this time). The man I spoke to would not tell me exactly how much it would be adjusted. It is also worth mentioning that the online chat service is just as bad as their awful phone service. I was on this chat for approximately 40 minutes (although I was connected very quickly) and literally every 2-3 minutes would receive a message from the rep saying "I'll be with you in a moment"... for 30 minutes before we actually got anywhere...

Review about: Centurylink Internet Plan.

Monetary Loss: $70.

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