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Do you have any idea how annoying it is to constantly be booted from your Internet when you are trying to watch Hulu, Netflix, or, or just trying to do something?

If not, may I suggest getting CenturyLink for a service provider? We've been with them for years, since they bought out Embarq, and the last year or so the service has been going downhill.

They claim nothing is wrong on their end, yet we have constant problems. They have checked and rechecked, but still nothing positive. When we try to get online, on a computer, you can usually see a half-dozen modems that you could connect to. The more there, the more problems you have. Trying to watch a movie means nearly constant interruptions. And, there is almost no way you can watch a movie and work online.

Most of the time the modem light is flashing, solid if you're not trying to get online. Though, about a quarter of the time the light of off, even when you're not using it. The modem has been replaced at least twice in the last two years. Netflix and Hulu say the issue in with CenturyLink. Something to do with the Ping Speed on tests, over 50 ms.

Me? I think it is the fact they want customers but don't want to upgrade to keep up with housing increases and loads.

Of course, the phones also have static on them, and the filters for all of the connections are NEW.

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