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UPDATE: After telling Century Link not to set up direct billing until bills straightened out, they illegally used the credit card number given to them for the (original shipment of modem 21.77) for over $200.00.I will later list all the calls and continuing hassles created by Century Link.

If a bundle is a bundle - (one agrees to pay for 2 or more services together) and the agreement was made with Century Link, why did a 'bill collector' call from Direct TV at 8am MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND ON SUNDAY? My mother is ILL over this situation. ALL I CAN SAY AT THIS POINT IS >>> EVEN IF YOU HAVE EVERYTHING IN WRITING - THE COST OF MONTHLY SERVICES (CENTURY LINK BUNDLE WITH DIRECT TV) WILL NOT BE WHAT YOU HAVE BEEN TOLD unless you have agreed to pay whatever whenever. BEWARE.

I am forwarding this complaint to Century Link as I finally got the email address of a supervisor in their 'escalation dept'.

ALL I can say to them now is COME GET YOUR EQUIPMENT.If marked as BS it will be a Century Link employee like the one who cut off our internet services around midnight a couple of days ago to create another hassle.

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My 80-yr old mother (fixed income) needed a less-expensive internet and TV service.She asked me to help.

I went on to Century Link's CHAT (which is printable) so there would be no confusion if the Century Link/Direct TV bundle seemed like a service she would prefer and there would be NO confusion about the costs. Robbin S. and I chatted on Century Link for some time. I exlained there would be (3) televisions to be hooked up and the main one of the (3) would be a smart tv which would be purchased after my elderly mother made her decision as to which company she selected.

Robbin S. (in writing on chat) quoted hooking up internet service and direct TV for 3 rooms, help with connecting the smart tv's wifi (involved only putting in the ten-digit wifi number). The monthly bill would be 60.98 including taxes and everything. The installation charge would be 55.92.

The first bill would be 108.80. PLUS we were to receive a $25 visa card. The contract would be for one year. All my mother needed to do was pay 21.77 right away for shipping and handling of the modem (which i assumed was internet modem - didn't know it was for Century Link to ship a modem to Direct or something (discovered in arrears).

Direct showed up a day late (which was okay although we had discontinued the other service on the day prior). Direct said their work order was to set up one tv with a 2-yr contract and each additional TV would be at an additional charge of which we did not agree to as had all charges and everything in writing. Well here starts the some of the mess. Could go on forever about this but at least the Direct customer service people and technicians were nice.

Civility in not in (most) Century Link's customer service reps vocabulary (in my opinion). OK, no internet service still. Called Century Link to find out why no internet service and was told 'someone' must have marked it off the list as it had been reported as completed. Eventually a Century Link technician showed up to hook up the internet and nicely enough put the ten-digit wifi number in the smart tv.

He couldn't get the computer to hook to the internet. He stated that probably because our other internet service had been off (over a week) that our computer had piced up a virus during that time and we needed a new computer. He gave us his personal cell phone number and said he would come back after work one day and hook up internet after we purchased new computer. Nice guy but my elderly mother upset that she needed a new computer.

The very next day I worked on my mother's computer, disconnected the modem from prior internet service and kaboom, no virus, no new computer needed. Duh? I 59 yr old and am not tech savvy at all. Expecting our first bill to be as promised, very shocked when bill was 161.90 just for internet service.

Called Century Link, adjustments made re-agreed to paying with installation and everything 109.07, future total bundle bills 61.94. Now my mother received another bill expecting it to be 61.94 and it for 248.81. I could go on and on about the 20 or more conversations by either myself or my mother with Century Link and/or Direct TV. Century Link likes to play bait and switch.

Everything is the fault of Direct. I agreed to original terms with Century when I bundled for my mom. Never understood why we had to keep talking to Direct about problems - yes, there were (seemed like) a ton(ish) of calls but that will come out later. I have noticed complaint after complaint after complaint about Century Link and think its time we get together and PUT A STOP TO THIS.

I believe although not an attorney that companies are liable for 3 times the 'damage' under the Fair Trades Act. I wish I had NEVER EVER heard of this bundle bull and never heard of Century Link.

I don't like EXTREME CONTINUOUS hassles and higher blood pressure from this.LETS GET TOGETHER AND FIGHT !!

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Scammers. Please do not fo business with CenturyLink. The only way they will change their dirty tricks is to hurt them with giving them no business.


How do I join this law suit ?Century Link has my account under another person I don't know who he is.

I asked why is my bill so high they transfer me at least that what the agents say they are doing and hang up.I didn't pay the bill because they say don't worry about it but that's not an answer because my account can't even be verified under my information.

Star City, Arkansas, United States #1344416

Why can we in Arkansas not join this suit.Century link has the ONLY internet and phone service in Star City Arkansas, and they screw us left and right.

The only time I can get them to do anything is to threaten going to the Public Works Commission and things start to happen. Money that I do not owe comes off, things I didn't order come off, and they actually get my internet working. But then about 2 months later I am on the phone cussing them out because they not only replaced the credits I did not owe, THEY ADDED MORE. The service sucks, any time it rains or the wind blows internet goes out and their solution is you must not know how to hook up your devices to get the service.

My question back to them is, If that is the problem, then explain to me why the service works when it is pretty and clear? No answer to that question. When you request service tech, they tell you if they walk into your home, and look at it WE pay huge service fee. Something needs to be done about them.

I have had to pay multiple bills over and over fought with them for 2 weeks over my daughters account. I had to go back to billing, and get the bills to go back and get credit card statements to match bills paid, and still had to pay them 700.00 to get it to turn back on. She was in nursing school and it was imperative, she had her internet to do home work and things for school.

These people are thieves and it should go nationwide on this suit.We ALL need to be part of it NOT just the west coast.

Jefferson County, Washington, United States #1342468

How do we join the class action suit announced today? -- June 21, 2017

Santa Fe, New Mexico, United States #1288842

I am dealing with these same problems.I was given promises and the run around by 10 different reps...this is not fair to customers.

I waited on five different occasions for someone to come connect o

service! That is five days from 8-5pm...45 hours. That is a full work week.

I want to be compensated for my time, not to mention the hours with those reps sending me to other reps and keeping me on hold, all together for more than 15 hours.

I would like to know if anyone has or how many people are willing to pursue a class action lawsuit?

Tucson, Arizona, United States #1282829

my timeline for lawsuit has passed.also moved and never ever ever ever want to relive headaches, hassles, stress, higher b.p.

caused by doing biz w them.GL!


Everyone who is upset with Century Link go to the FCC Website and file a complaint. Maybe if they receive enough they will do something!

Here is the link: https://www.fcc.gov/consumers/guides/filing-informal-complaint

Denver, Colorado, United States #1282682

Century Link made a promise to me in writing regarding what they would charge for Internet service/month.Then they charged me a much higher rate.

When I called to get it sorted out, they hung on me numerous times, yelled at me and behaved in a manner that is truly shocking given they are the ones at fault.

I have their billing promise in writing and I also can prove they are overcharging me.Surely there is a way to sue them.

New River, Arizona, United States #1276664

We just went through the same thing will our billing.I have been a customer since 2013 using the same account to pay my bill.

They get the pmt and it is cleared with confirmation number and all. they stated that it was our fault from our bank rejecting the pmt. we pay them automatically every month. my bank states they have not rejected any payments, or I would have late fees.

so, they say its prism's charges that were rejected, wait a minute if I pay one bill the its centurylink issue they are to dispurse funds to their vendors, not us. so now I am being shut off and late fees for all this and there was NO REJECTIONS! this is fraud and harassment. I get this letter from them every other month..

then when you go online it shows that in one MONTH my bill shows usage of $411.00, WHAT!!!! then it shows I supposedly paid in full, first off how did it be this much and if I paid this so called 411$ where is deducted from my bank acct? This is lies upon lies upon lies. I am done and this needs to be a class action lawsuit for all the late fees, harassment of so far today over 4 HOURS!!

you can never speak to upper mgmt. or someone on the EXECUTIVE part... they need to be sued and compensation needs to be given. oh also, we have had 4 techs come out because crappy service and freezing etc...

I want this fixed.CONSUMERS BEWARE!!!

Queen Creek, Arizona, United States #1260224

This just happened to me also. To make matters worse the same thing happened to me three years ago and like a dummy I came back. There has got to be a way we can sue them...Mruckers@hotmail.com

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