I have had century link mAybe 2 weeks, 3 max. And I am telling u now do not waste ur time!!

They give u a good sales pitch and tell u that their service is better than the normal cable companies out there. Which is a complete lie!! My services went out this morning at about 7:15, that's when my 5 year old woke me up to tell me her tv won't come on. I get up and investigate and found none of the tv's worked.

There was no internet connection nothing!! So u called the help line. Omg!! That had to be the dumbest decision I have ever made!!

U was put on hold for 3 hours transferres 6 different times and Hung up on twice!! Finally someone tells me there is an outage in my area that after the second person I talked to checked to see I'd there was an outage!! In my three hour wait I was transferred 6 different times I might have talked to a representative maybe 5 minutes total altogether!! Their representatives are very rude and disrespectful!!

They knew nothing on what I was asking and just put me on hold again!! Not to mention that when the technician cAme out to my house he destroyed it left and I still had no services. Not to mention that some where during the chaos they cut the wires or my neighbors cable services!! Another technician didn't come out till 3 days later he apologized and fixed the first ones mistake and also apologized to my neighbor but the damage was already done!!

I have had time warner cable and direct and I will tell u I have NEVER had to go through the *** I went through today with them!! Customer service and trouble shooting is something centurylink really needs to work on. I have online classes to take that I purposely set up while my children are in school well now I have to find another way to get my work done because I have no internet services and they have no clue on when the issue is going to be fixed!! I wasted time and energy this morning trying to figure out what was going on with my services for them to tell me there is an outage 3 hours later!!

I am beyond passed!!

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