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am low income Deann Bonine is interpreter for David Groves am deaf not deaf mute just deaf can talk so anyway you people of centurylink are terrible mean take money exrta or make % just break me am poor on D.S.H.S AND S.S.I WE Deann and her husband they very experience low income centurylink application coworker of centurylink keep saying don't know anything about low income application why? centurylink coworker and company is a scam its wrong . centurylink company know all about low income application and they still deny deny deny it all scam maybe i should contact the news tell them what going on

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My deep sympathies.

Call Iowa Public Utilities Board and file your complaint.

PUB Telephone: 877.565.4450

A written complaint is recommended

Every state has their own PUB or PUC

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