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I'm warning people, never never never allow a centurylink bucket truck in your backyard even if the workers beg you for an hour. Don't be fooled.

Normal and professional human beings clean up after themselves. Centurylink staffs don't. They asked me for the favor of letting them get into my backyard because of problem with the pole, I thought they will put everything back to how it was. When I came back, they didn't close the gate, they dismantled and tossed my garden fence on the side, trimmed my neighbor's trees and tossed all branches on my side and left.

When I called to complain, one of their representatives named Shannon told me they will come clean up on Monday, June 26th. Nobody came. 10th century customer service level. Called again, this time this is Matthew who is telling me they are gone do me a big favor and come clean up because that's my responsability to trim trees, which I did in May!

I will never allow a centurylink truck to get close to my driveway. They want to access that pole, go to the other side and do that favor to my backyard neighbor, and I will warm him. Spread the word.

Don't be fooled by centurylink staff and tec support, not deserving of your kindness, and your property shouldn't be vandalized by unprofessional beings who believe they are doing you a favor for cleaning up after themselves. The cleaning is pending and this has been already 2 weeks.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Centurylink Cons: Lack of professionalism.

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You may not have any choice about granting them access to the poles and equipment.

However, they are absolutely liable for any and all damages done to your property.

It is time to stop calling and begin a paper trail.

Issue a written demand stating plainly what happened and what remedy you require with a 10-day period to fix it. Send it Certified Mail return receipt requested.

Issue a followup and send it the same way 10 days later.

Get an estimate from a reputable service firm and inform the slobs that this is the amount for which you intend to seek recovery in lieu of proper repair.

Don't give up. Utility type companied may not shun their obligations !

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