When signing up with Century Link over the phone for their Internet only service they were offering for $24.95/month I specifically stated that I will be using my own modem, and they don't need to send me any modem. Nothing else I asked to be added, only the internet service.

Next day I receive an update over the email that my modem was shipped providing me with the tracking number. When I emailed customer service about this I was told to receive the modem and send it back using UPS. They wanted me to fix the problem for them, so I thought, but I simply refused the UPS delivery and notified customer service about my action. They said they received the modem back.

When I received my first bill I was infuriated. The bill was for $56.01. When I looked in the details it was not clear at all what charges were applied, because it was so confusing, almost impossible to make sense of. Later I recognized that I was charged for modem shipping and model rental! I sent another (third) request to fix my situation. I was responded with the message that my bill was fixed and I was given credit for the modem charges.

After a day or two I looked at the bill again online and there were no changes to it. There was still the same amount (56.01). I sent another email requesting a new bill reflecting the adjustments. They said that the bill is fixed and I will receive the credit within two months! I decided to wait until adjustments are applied and refused to pay now. I didn't believe the credit was applied and couldn't trust them after what already happened.

In my second bill I see new charges totalling $38.56. I see the credit of 25.59 for modem charges applied to my first bill, but I notice other unknown charges: CenturyLink @Ease™ $9.99 and late fee of $6. CenturyLink @Ease charge was also applied in the first bill, but because of bill's complexity I didn't notice it. (This practice to confuse customer with the complex bills amazes) Anyway, I didn't sign up for CenturyLink @Ease in the first place. I didn't know what it was and no one explained that to me. They just added it to my account without my approval.

Late fee is another surprise charge that was applied to my new bill. I didn't pay my previous bill because I didn't have a clear understanding of what I'm paying for and how much. They decided that was my fault that they didn't provide me with the corrected statement and charged me late fee.

My experience with Century Link is surreal. I had never imagined something like this would exist in practice. It seems Century Link desperately tries to confuse and mislead me, to act without my approval to make bill higher, something completely different from what is advertised. It cannot be legal, and there must be a way to control them. I'm very tired and disturbed, I'm looking for a legal advice and any other way to leverage this company.

Product or Service Mentioned: Centurylink Internet Service.

Monetary Loss: $50.

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me, too!Just discovered...and it's an awful nuisance...won't go away..


I agree with the entire post! Centurylink has continued to extort money from me with $5-$15 extra, unknown charges on my supposed "fixed" monthly rate!

I am considering a civil suit as every month i waste an hour calling and discussing the issue with a representative. Very unprofessional!


I have had the same type of experience. My bill for internet only is up to over $80 now and I signed up for the $29 month package.

All I have is internet (slow at that) over a phone line and they are charging me over $80 per month. I have called customer service and they went through and explained the bill, but couldn't tell me why I was being charged all the extras.

I asked for the extras to be taken off and the rep told me it was part of the package.

I am over it and will be canceling my Century Link service.


My bill has never been what I was promised and there's always extra charges and they are almost impossible to get a hold of not happy with this company


Agree. Century and others all do the same.

They are poorly regulated or not at all. Congress has said they would clean them up but no action has taken place.

I have 4 homes I rent all with cable or satellite tv and internets provided. I'm always on the phone trying to corrrect new charges that keep showing up


I have a $113 "packages" charge on my 1st bill. No, I'm not paying it, and I told the remove it or lose a customer.


... I'm actively trying to figure out how to cancel @Ease, ugh! It seems like centurylink has done its best to hide that option from me :(


call customer support and speak with a rep--they can remove it for you


I had a similar problem with Centurylink. They sent me a new modem and a few months later I noticed there was a charge of $55.00 stating it was for unreturned equipment.

I called, emailed and chatted over the course of 3 months requesting they provide a label or a return authorization number and shipping address for me to return it. No luck.

Finally, I had a chat agent tell me it was an error, it was the charge for a new modem which was fine, I had it and I was willing to pay for it. I asked the agent correct the statement so it would show I was paying for a new modem and was told that was not possible. I've had a lengthy string of issues with Centurylink and wasn't going to proceed without the right paperwork which the agent couldn't understand.

I filed a complaint with BBB, requested they either correct the bill or send me a shipping label to return the modem for a credit and credit all late fees.

Within a day, I had a response from a manager. She apologized, credited all late fees and the modem immediately and I receive a shipping box to return the modem about a week later.


People: If you read this and are frustrated by CenturyLink's un-ethical ways of milking unaware (or even aware) customers, please write a simple note of your experience. At least, click the "like" or "unlike" buttons to register your approval/disapproval, and get this site move up, and our voices heard!




I have never heard of @Ease; and out of no where my bill was charged first for a partial monthly fee for @Ease. I didn't pay attention at first, as it was a partial month; there were charges, and adjustments; the net was less than $9.99 so I wasn't concerned.

Now, new month, and the full $9.99 for @Ease was charged!

Needless to say, another round of calling, waiting, and waiting for adjustments!

So desperate of them to slam customers with un-ordered, and un-needed "services"!


I have contacted them several times to remove @Ease, which I too never signed up for. Every single month it is still a charge on my bill.

8 months and $80!

I fell for the modem rip off... but this is just ridiculous!


You are not alone. this is very common.

My friend uses Centurylink. He says the same thing.

I use Comcast they also have a very surly way of billing customers and yes they will bill you late fees if you don't pay up. And yes this kind of thing is illegal but they don't get caught because of political corruption and lack of competition.


I had the worst experience with Centurylink. I signed up for a month-to-month basis and my initial fee was at $48.47 for just basic internet.

It took over 2 weeks to receive my modem and receive service after I had a scheduled appt. The representative on site never showed up and then the modem was never delivered. It took 3 phone calls to resolve this issue!!

My first bill included a phone, internet and cable of around $187. After resolving this issue, my second bill came in and had the same issue.

It wasn't until my fourth bill that the payment amount was accurate. Throughout the months, my internet connection kept getting dropped and the connection was slower than promised. I decided to cancel just a month ago and they slam me with a $119 cancellation fee with a late fee and the full service period (my service period should only include 11 days). After calling again, they tell me that I was in an annual contract and have to pay the amount.

I got the late charges taken off but still had to pay a total of $153.

Do not get Centurylink!!!!


Almost identical situation. No modem, no staff set up.

When I tried to call in to talk to a REAL person, I was on hold for over 45 minutes 3x. I didn't pay my bill and was charged outrageous late fees of over $100. When a service man finally came to see me he stated the modem they sent me (2 weeks late) was out of date and was never used in the past few years.

He gave me a new one free of charge but I still pay the leasing fee. I am now trying to get out of @Ease, otherwise I will be leaving Century Link.


I had the same experience as the previous poster regarding the shipping charge for the equipment and the Centurylink @Ease service. I was not notified I'd be paying the shipping and handling for my new equipment.

Had I known, I would have probably said something when the lady said "we're going to send out the modem and you should have it by tomorrow!" I thought "hey great! That's super fast service :)" Total cons. She told me @Ease was part of the package the sales person pitched to me. The thing is, I called and asked if there was any way to lower my bill.

The salesperson said "sure, we have a package that costs less than what you have now." I said "great, sign me up." So by agreeing to the package, I agreed to @Ease.

I was never told I could pick services outside of a package, a la carte, and it would have cost less than the package I was on currently, and even less than the one I was put on. Oh, and Centurylink caps youtube bandwidth during peak hours.


They change my bill ever month for the last 3 years!!!! I am sick of that but they are the only internet we can get .2014


Mine also. Very pissed.


I have also been going through the same situations. My modem was suppost to be free and I wouldn't pay for it.

I have called multiple times complaining about the this issue charge and have been guranteed a month of service free of charge and also no more charges about my modem. It's now been over a year where every month the change will be in effect in "3 billing cycles, Centurylink has still not delivered after 1 year of complaints.

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