The BBB gives Century Link an A+. This is by far the worst phone company and possibly the worst company period I have ever had the mis-fortune to deal with.

They are the only game in town in the area where my business operates and they act like it. The real telling part is the lack of integrity on the part of the BBB. I wonder how much Century Link paid to get that rating. Was disconnected on 3 of the 6 calls I have had to make over 2 months to get bill fixed.

The only way I finally made progress was to call investor relations at the corportate office and pretend to be an irrate stock holder. CL is the last company I would buy stock in.

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Saint Paul, Minnesota, United States #1276363

I agree I been paying full price for speed for a year like I told them who pays full price for half of a service this business lies about the speed talk about unethical but it's a matter of time just like wellsfargo


They have been horrible to me in NM. I live in the country where this lousy company is of very few Wi-Fi providers.

I had their equipment and needed to replace it after 2 months of usage. The were to bring the new equipment, help me make sure it was installed, pick up the old equipment while here and go. I told them to call when they got to my land. The driver honks the horn and drives off!!!

I finally get to my gate and after 2 hours on the phone, I'm left with yhier *** because they can't contact their own driver to turn back around. They charged me for the property that I have had 2 shipping labels mailed to my address for, and suspended my service because THEY refused to take the payment I have offered many times. CL wants the money for equipment they refuse to receive and I've been more than happy to pay them for the horrid services I've received, yet I sit on equipment I I can't use.

This company needs a lot of work. If anyone invests in them, they are destined to loose all their money!!!


I have been in apache jun.az.for 3 mo,with onley 20 days service.we have spent over 30 hrs on the phone with tec.reps.my wife just got of the phone with them.for 3 hrs.i don't have this trouble in Minnesota.

Prescott, Arizona, United States #689149

I've been in the same apartment for nearly 11 years. Same phone plan, no long distance, no internet, no voice mail.

I got my bill today, via email (paper will follow).

This months bill has gone up FOUR DOLLARS. That is half an hour of work for me at my job that I have to work now, to pay for something that is exactly the same phone plane.



I have been a customer for 10 years and my computer crashed so I had to cancel my Internet service. Well I was in the middle of my contract so the lady but it in 'vacation hold' so I am not charged a termination fee.

Well I get my bill and they're charging me $9.95/mth for a vacation hold and no one bothered to tell me there was a fee! The supervisor I just spoke to was indifferent and didn't care and basically said I have to pay the vacation hold or early termination fee.

My contract ends in a few months and I WILL NOT be renewing! They have lost a customer FOREVER!!!!


I am currently having NUMEROUS issues w/ my CenturyLink service. The issues have been ongoing for almost exactly a month.

Local tech agents claim it is a known bandwidth issue that is being worked on.

Call center agents and internet agents claim there are no known issues in the areas, and that my router is the issue (despite the fact I have the same slowness issue when plugged directly into the modem supplied by them.) There are currently no other options in the area other than Satellite, but fortunately a cable company is hoping to be completely moved in by the end of the year. I plan on switching ASAP.


I couldn't agree with this complaint more. My girlfriend had internet with Century Link.

It's never worked properly, and they told her it was because she needed to upgrade her service. So she did.

Then when it continued to not work she tried to discontinue service only to be told they would charge her $200 for disconnecting service after upgrading her service. A terrible and thoroughly dishonest company.


My name is Joey and I'm with CenturyLink. I'm sorry to read about the trouble you're having and I'd be glad to look into the issue for you. Just email me at Joey@CenturyLink.com with your name, account information and reference your post here on PissedConsumer.com. Thanks.

Joey H

CenturyLink Customer Outreach


to CenturyLinkJoey #1113163

Honestly Joey I don't think you can help them, me or the other 2000 unsatisfied customers on here. I wouldn't email you after waiting on hold for hours at a time.

Here's my info. New Mexico, my acct # is 5058324965. My contact phone number is 505-712-7843. My name is Kristle.

Let's see if you can help or if you're just another CL representative trying to get another sale. Good day to you sir!

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