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I have a documented credit of $770.18 that Century link refuses to return. I called them shortly after I ported my home phone to my cell phone provider to save $60.00 a month.

The telephone was ported on 25 April 2018. I called and was was told that the credit would be reimbursed within 90 days. I called approximately a month later to check the progress and was told that the final bill had gone out and that it was verified that I did not owe them any equipment I was then told by Century link that they would try to expedite the check, After approximately a month I called again last week to check the status. I was told that that they were not refunding my money because they did not know that it came from my bank account and that I had to prove it.

They requested that I provide proof that it had came from my account because it was auto pay. I tried to explain that while I did pay electronically it was not auto pay, I pay all my bills electronically each month through my bank but I do it myself and do not pay bills through auto pay. Then I was told that it went through a Automated Clearing House (ACH) I had to prove that I paid it. I feel that this is just another way to keep my money.

Most checks that cross state lines go through a ACH. If this was a problem it should have addressed over 10 years when I first started electronic payment. Over the course of more than10 years they accepted the payment and never questioned the origin. I told them that they had not requested it in writing and to mail me a request.

I was told to just send them the proof and was not provided an address to send it to. This reaffirmed my belief that they will do any thing to keep what they owe me.

I will not provide my bank statements. They contain information that Century Link does not need or has a right to request.

Product or Service Mentioned: Centurylink Account.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

Centurylink Cons: Punishes customers who are trying to save money.

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Fool, someone owes you $770.16 and all you have done is CALL ? That is the most lame response you could have offered.

You must issue a written demand, complete with complaint and proof of overpayment with a stated deadline of 7 working days for reply.

The demand must be served via Certified Mail return receipt requested in order to establish an admissible evidentiary timeline. I won't say anymore because I charge people $150 / hour for such advice .


Anonymous: I see you hide behind a screen name because you are the fool. I did get my money back in less than 90 days and knew exactly what I was doing.

Small claims court is a wonderful thing. I Was reimbursed from time warner for a canceled appointment that I was required to take off work for.

I also told the phone company that I was about to file a claim in small claims court when they decided to pay me. If you have the records and documents you can obtain relief in small claims court without your advise!

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