I ordered CenturyLink got my modem in the mail and couldn't get it to work at first like i knew would happen. Called them up which took 25 minutes to get through.

Nice lady on the phone but couldn't help my problem. She said someone would come out the next day between 130 and 530 (Gotta love the 4 hour window). I eventually notice a CenturyLink van in front of my house at about 430 and nobody is in it. Eventually a guy comes out from around the side of my house gets back in the van and leaves never knocks on the door or no phone call.

Then he pulls around my alley behind my garage and i see him walk out from under my deck and gets in the car and drives away. No call, no nothing. I call CenturyLink and the guy says he shows no notes left on my account he thinks that guy must have been looking at a different house by mine (are you kidding me??). Anyway he says they have until 630 to resolve the problem.

630 rolls around and i haven't heard a thing. I call them back fuming. Talk to the same guy. He says ok i see some notes here that you need a tree cut down to get service.

I say when the *** were you planning on telling me that?? He had no answer.

I say, that's out of the question you guys are the worst company i have ever dealt with I'm cancelling my subscription and returning my modem. He says ok and gives me another number to call.

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