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Every month I'm disconnected without warning after being two weeks past due. Two weeks! Not a month... When I call, it always takes at least 30 minutes if I can get through the automated system; which does not recognize what I'm saying half the time and frequently punching in the numbers results in a having to call in again. Their verification process is idiotic and needs to be simplified. Currently you have to give your full address and sometimes a security number depending on who you get. Today I very nicely asked if there was a way to just give my name and the last four of my social security number or a password that I'd set up; and the agent just hung up on me. So I had to start the whole process over again in order to make a payment. This time I got a guy and asked for his name and ID right away. He totally ignored me and said first give me your name, I gave it, he then asked for my address, and I said, before we continue please let me get your name and ID. He finally complied. The payment process was so assumptive on his part, that it was just rude. He spoke over me, interrupted me, was totally arrogant!

They need to have a spy call into American Express, Capital One SPARK Business, Verizon Wireless, and Comcast to see what customer service is all about. Their Technical Support is much better than their Billing and Customer Service departments. Also, their outsourced workers are much better trained then their American workers. Shocking!!! They need to train their workers to give Listen and Ask Probing Questions, to give Empathy when needed, to be Professional never interrupting, to be legally compliant and not assume the amounts of what a customer will pay by saying, "We will deduct your account in the following amount..." Rather they should ask, if the customer wants to pay the full amount, the past due amount, or another amount. Also to be legally compliant, they need to know that their is a $10,000 FCC Fine for hanging up on a customer or putting a customer on hold without consent or without returning back to the customer every 2-3 minutes unless otherwise agreed. They need to know that the customer is a precious business asset and need to communicate it to us every-time we call. They should discontinue the $4 fee to make a payment over the phone.

Finally, when I move, unfortunately I can not see myself transferring service. I will look for another company most likely. The good thing is that as long as you don't have to contact them, their service is pretty reliable, pretty fast, and the connection is strong. Too bad their Customer Service department as with their Billing Department can't match product.

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Sounds like you just have to pay your bill on time and all will be well.

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