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I simply needed the address for my Internet Explorer home page, which I inadvertently erased during a computer virus cleansing. I phone called CenturyLink service.

The guy in India would not give me the missing address, instead he give me a run-around, and kept telling me how I needed to download and run something so he could see what I was talking about. He left the conversation twice without an explanation, would come back on the phone as if he was a different representative and start all over. I kept telling him all I wanted was the address. He then without any explanations, nor my consent took control of my computer, typed in an address for a home page (nothing more than Google), and then proceeded to down load my documents.

I tried to stop him and he kept saying how he needed to know why I didn’t have the address. To which, I kept telling him “because I erased it!” He kept saying how he wasn’t downloading my documents but someone else was doing it and that’s why he was searching my computer. He was lying through his teeth. I had just had Norton security spend 1-½ hours going through every aspect of my computer cleansing it.

I told the guy to stop what he was doing.

He stopped and immediately terminated the conversation leaving me with a dead phone line. If I could prove anything I would file a complaint with my State Attorney General.

Review about: Centurylink Phone Service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

I didn't like: Lack of cooperation.

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Hate to tell ya this, but that was not Centurylink. Whoever you got that went into your computer, it wasn't them.

I hate this company as much as anyone else, possibly more - I used to work for them - but it truly was not them that you dealt with.

As awful as they are, anyone who actually works for them that would do this (they are monitored) would be fired ASAP. They may have *** service but they are not this unethical.

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