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A few months ago I canceled my CenturyLink internet service after several years. I don't believe I've ever been treated as badly by a company as I have by CenturyLink the last several months. It was about seven months ago that I decided to unbundle my home phone, internet, and Direct TV services because after doing the math it looked like I would save more money after doing this. I called and I got my home phone unbundled and canceled without a problem. After this I requested that my bundle with Direct TV and my CenturyLink internet access be cancelled. I am told that it may take one to two months for the billing cycle to catch up with the changes I've made so I may still have my internet and Direct TV bundled for another month or two. Just to be sure all changes I requested were made, I called the following day just to confirm my request went through for all my services to be unbundled. I was told that they did. I wait the allotted time and finally the third month rolls around and I get my bill and I find out that my internet and Direct TV services are still bundled. So I call again...

I am assured that THIS TIME my request has gone through. As before, I called the day after my request to confirm the changes went through and I am again assured they did. I decide to call again about a week later to make sure my account did not magically bundle itself again. But unlike last time, I get an order confirmation number and a precise date when my services were (allegedly) unbundled.

Like last time, I wait the stated one to two month period and I get my bill and MY SERVICES ARE STILL BUNDLED!!! OK. I'm getting pretty annoyed here. Who is changing my account settings back without authorization? What's going on? It seems CenturyLink REALLY wants to keep its customers stuck in these bundles!

To get some answers I even tried calling Direct TV to see if they could help me unbundle my services but they tell me I have to go through CenturyLink. The woman I talk to is very nice and very helpful. She told me a little about how the bundling works and she confirms for me that they had not gotten any notification from CenturyLink whatsoever that I had even made a request to unbundle my services. I thank her for her help and I call the dreaded CenturyLink again.

I think to myself: I'll give this company one last shot to honor my request. I call and ask if my services are still bundled and I am told they are. I immediately inform the CenturyLink representative that I had called before and was told my services had been unbundled by such and such time on this exact date. All of a sudden, almost stumbling over his words, the rep tells me he made a mistake and, yes, my services ARE unbundled. I could tell in his voice this kid was not a very good liar. This pissed me off. First, a company refuses to honor a long time customer's request and then they outright lie to me?? *** no. So I shopped around and found another internet provider... who is actually cheaper.

I don't know what happened to CenturyLink. They used to seem like a reliable company but I did not appreciate how I was treated at all.

Does anyone else have any bundling nightmares to share?

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I have the same story except it has taken me 10 months of asking for them to unbundle my direct tv. I have literally spent hours talking to reps, explaining the situation over and over and over again every month.

I am currently on the phone with Century Link holding for a rep right now as I type this. A rep just took my call speaking so fast and with such a thick accent that I couldn't even understand her much less be confident that she can understand me.

So back on hold I go. UGH!


Thanks for the comments. Nik, I agree.

I should have just canceled after the second time of getting the run around, but I wanted to give them the benefit of the doubt. I thought at first that maybe it was just human error, but after so many times, and the contradictory answers given to me about whether or not I was still bundled or not, it appeared that there was something underhanded happening. Which leads me to the four people who clicked that my story was “***.” Rest assured, everything I said was 100% accurate. Either the handful of people at CenturyLink were outright lying or it was human error.

After talking to the young man on the phone who flipped-flopped when I presented the fact that someone else told me I was already unbundled on such and such time and date, this got me highly suspicious. Why react that way? Either his screen told him I was unbundled or I wasn't. I don't think it would be that hard to tell me the correct answer.

And this wasn't the only contradictory answer I received. On a few previous occasions I had been told I was unbundled, but called back a few days later to confirm my request had gone through, and I was miraculously bundled again! What the??? For those who did not believe my story I'd like you to ask yourself something.

If that happened to you, what would you think was happening? Either the people who work there are totally incompetent or they are being dishonest.

I think those are the only two possiblities and I find it hard to believe that the numerous people I talked to over the span of several months were all that seriously incompetent. I firmly believe something else was at work: dishonesty.

to James000 #752020

Opps. They blanked out the word B.S.

to James000 Tucson, Arizona, United States #752895

yOUR story is exactly like mine, and I was bundled with Internet, phone AND Direct TV. Both companies are a nightmare and should NOT BE ALLOWED TO BE IN BUSINESS. I PLAN TO FIND OUT HOW TO REPORT AND HAVE THEM INVESTIGATED OR WHATEVER I CAN DO.

the people who work at both companies are totally incompetent AND lying and scamming everyone. Dealing with them is the most stressful thing I have been thru with any company ever!!!!!



My deep sympathies.

Call Iowa Public Utilities Board and file your complaint.

PUB Telephone: 877.565.4450

A written complaint is recommended

Every state has their own PUB or PUC

Columbia, Kentucky, United States #736677

Companies like CenturyLink tend to *** you around because they do not want to lose a paying customer. There is a lot of competition out there in the form of other providers and now with streaming, they are doing whatever they can to keep you as a subscriber, willingly or not.

Best to always just cancel them out in total, not play around with different service packages.

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