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We've had CenturyLink DSL since 2011. Only 10MB/sec and most of the time we get that.

About two times a year something happens where I have to call because the phone techs are morons and no nothing but they end up sending someone out and they fix the issue (which has almost ALWAYS been an issue at the box just up the road from us). Anyway, they offered us $19 off each year since the very beginning. And since the first time I signed up, I was told that I would need to call them each year before our contract expired so that I could renew and still get this discount. Kinda of a pain to do that every year but I did it.

For 4 years it was just a 10 minute phone call and it was done and set. Really pretty simple and they were always so nice. Well, the 5th year rolled around: 2016. March is the time when I have to make the call.

This was the first time the call was routed overseas. I could barely understand the guy and, boy, was this guy an ***. I had to explain to him for almost 30 minutes how CenturyLink has always had me call each year to maintain my broadband discount. This guy had no clue and tried to tell me he couldn't give me a discount or renew my contract because my current contract was still active.

I told him of course it's still active because you (CenturyLink) have always told me to call before my contract expires to make sure I can keep the deal when I renew. But he just wanted to argue and say I had to wait for it to expire. But then I said if it expires, won't I lost the deal? He said something like, "Well, I can renew you right now on this call but then I'll have to basically terminate your current contract and start another one with the discount which will then result in a fee for termination." What the heck!!!!

I said, "So let me get this straight here... you have a customer that's so satisfied with your service that he's calling you so he can continue to be your customer and you're going to charge him a FEE because he wants to remain loyal and stick with your company? Go tell your boss your about to loose a customer because I don't think that's a reward for loyalty!" Anyway, ever since this incident, this *** must have changed something in my account. The same email address I had on file with them (@gmail) for billing was somehow changed to the default CenturyLink email they give you when you sign up for their service.

So, of course, I didn't get the bill in my email (because whoever uses the email account the internet provider gives you anyway?) so I missed the due date. I had the same freakin' email on file with them for FOUR YEARS and then all of a sudden my billing email was changed without my permission!!! So I missed my April bill and almost June too. Since June, I've signed up for their paperless billing AGAIN AND AGAIN (see attached screenshot) but I NEVER receive my bill anymore.

Of course, if you go on their website they'll say it's probably my spam filter but it's not. I changed the email to three DIFFERENT email addresses and one of them I even manage the spam rules on my own server. Still NO BILLING EMAIL!!! What really ticks me off is several months ago they stopped accepting fee-free credit card payments.

Now they charge you a convenience fee to use your CC so because of that, I just started using bank drafts (which I hate to do). This worked for all of about ONE month. The next month my payment was rejected (BS!!!) and then they sent me a notification saying if it happens one more time the only way I'll be able to pay in the future is to go into person to their *** stores or use my CC which means I would have to start paying the fee. Well, I was afraid to use my bank draft again (even though there's plenty of money in my account and NO WAY it should have been rejected- I checked the bank info I typed in a MILLION times and it was SPOT ON- no errors!) so I ended up just using my CC and dealt with the fee.

Now it's September 2016 and I still haven't received a bill since March so I logged into my account to pay it. After 5 years, they suddenly dropped my $3.60 loyalty discount. Yeah, it's just $3.60 but after feeling FORCED to pay this *** CC fee each month, the last thing I want is my bill to go up another $3+!! Feeling screwed, I'm not even bother calling them to see why I'm not getting the discount so I just tried to pay it online.

REJECTED! I entered two different credit card numbers and they were both declined. I realized then I was in the screen where I was trying to add a payment method to save on file for future payment. But when I chose the option to make a one time payment it was accepted- same info, different screen and it was fine.

This is just a sample of what you'll find throughout their website. It's absolute garbage. Especially anything to do with actually trying to send them money which you would think they would actually care about! I just tried contacting them about why I'm not receiving my ebills and the *** contact form barely worked.

I swear they make it impossible to find the right help you need so you just leave them alone and deal with your problems on your own. Well, that's what I'm going to do. I'm out. After 5 years I was happy and loyal but not anymore.

I'm sure it won't be much better with the next company but I can't stand CenturyLink for another minute. It feels like they're trying to screw me over and I'm done.

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. dasconsumer stated that there is a room for improvement of every single aspect of dealing with the company. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss problems with payment of centurylink internet service. CenturyLink needs to issue a partial refund according to poster's claims.

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