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4 years ago we started with Century Link in Las Vegas. Loved it. Had Prism TV. Loved it as well. Moved to Florida and immediately called Century Link. Found out we couldn't have Prism TV, but they were contracted with Direct TV. Decided to do it anyway. PURCHASED IN A BUNDLE - we ordered 10mgs High-speed internet & TV. Three months into our service, we noticed our TV & Internet weren't performing well, so we ran a check on our speed through our computer at speakeasy.net/speedtest. We noticed we were only receiving 6 mgs. Called the company, got a tech out. He tested up to the house and measured 10 mgs, but noticed the measurement WAS only 6 at our computer. The explanation was our Direct TV was robbing 20% of our speed! After 5 "customer service" reps, we were told that they couln't "control" Direct TV and how much of our speed is being used for television.

I don't know about you, but shoudn't they offer a better solution for the people they are ADVERTISING 10 mgs to in a BUNDLE??? We figure we are over-paying $6 a month for internet we are not using for our INTERNET SERVICE. We are looking for others who are discovering this and would like their 10 mgs in internet PLUS Television - like they advertise, and would also like compensation for already paid monies as well as an opportunity to be released from contract with no penalty due to the false services description.


Contact Kelly Brogan at: kdsutto@gmail.com with your name, address & phone #

Thank you

Review about: Centurylink Bundle.

Reason of review: Not as described.

Monetary Loss: $72.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

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I live in Paisley and have went through *** with Century Link when I changed to Dish I just finished writing the CEO a letter .Many states have filed class action lawsuits against them.

Does anyone know if Florida has filed one yet.This company needs to be put out of business


Ocala, FL.....My bill went from aprox.$71 a month to $199.

My 1 year contract was up so I took my equipment, paid my bill, and asked for them to turn my service off. I was informed that they "DIDN'T DO THAT!" I needed to phone. So I paid my bill, and turned my equipment in and asked for a receipt informing her the gal ahead of me just did that....okay, she agreed to that. I proceeded to phone customer service and was told I had signed a new contract (NO) and would be charged $240 disconnect fee.

Say what? She would be happy to give me a different contract to keep me though. I think this sounds like racketeering and I want the State DA office to investigate for the residents of FL.

I'm waiting for a copy of my new contract that I never heard of until today.I will be more than happy to join in a class action suit again'st this company as well.

Billings, Montana, United States #1305985

I received a call from a Centurylink representative last November 2016, at my salon during business hours.He wanted to know who my current carrier was and what I was paying monthly for my two phone lines and internet service.

When I shared the information with him he told me that Centurylink could give me the same price but it would also include nationwide calling. That sounded like a good deal to me so I agreed to let him set up a time to have my service switched over. When I received my first bill it had several charges that I was not made aware of and at the bottom of the bill in fine print a statement saying that I was under a three year contract and that if I cancelled my service before the end of the contract I would be charged over $700.00 per line. I was not made aware of any three year contract by the Centurylink rep.

and was not asked to sign one.

I immediately called my old carrier and had my service switched back and have received another bill from Centurylink for $1500.00. I have tried multiple times to get through to Centurylink to get this resolved but they just keep passing me around from one person to another. They said I need to get a (ticket adjustment) as they call it, but I just get emails with a no reply option saying "ticket adjustment denied".

I have been totally scammed by Centurylink and I don't know what else to do.This company should not be able keep getting away with ripping off consumers!

Seattle, Washington, United States #1297923

I couldn't join if it's specific to the 10mb service plan issue.However, should you open up the class action suit to basic customer fraud I'm in!

The absolute worst company in the world.

Far worse than comcast.Intentionally defraud clients/customers on daily basis.

Fort Myers, Florida, United States #1297441

If you are still game, I'm aboured.I am paying for 6mbps and only receiving 3.30, not good enough for movies.

Have 2 separate accounts, modems and lines.Dish and Directv.

Marysville, Ohio, United States #1277294

I will be glad to join class action lawsuit. CenturyLink is defrauding consumers by falsely advertising telephone and internet rates.

Poulsbo, Washington, United States #1263551

We will join. Have had centurylink since 2007 in two different locations over 300 miles apart and still having the same issues.

Anniston, Alabama, United States #1229354

I will joint class action against CL. I was promised 20mg speed, paid for it, but ended up with only 8mg speed. After cancelling was billed for two months service I did not have

Denver, Colorado, United States #1189724

I would absolutely join it for problems with Century link and the merge that didn't by Prism TV.Even 10 different customer service reps say they have been a nightmare and taped them before they realized it and hung up...this site won't let you private message you back...from Colorado...

Check back...V.

Haleyville, Alabama, United States #1189032

i live in alabama and they only offer 1.5mb where i live cuz im outside of city but its $80/m and has been only options for 10yrs + and it is up and down all the time 1.5 is slow as is so when it drops to under half meg its usless but the bill never lowers but they refuse to spend the money to make other areas better but keep uping the speed in others and when it gets bandwith exhausted the low end higher paying ppl suffer

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