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I am exacerbated with all my hours of trying to correct Century Links incorrect account information. I have had some CS agents treat me as if I'm a 3rd class citizen. First off the bundle services with other companies like Directv. Right out of the gate on the date of install working with AT&T representative who has been so deceptive I came to find out. I explicitly said in no uncertain terms are you to bundle me with Century Link, I just got on a promotion "price for life" that I thought might keep Century Link from having these incorrect and threatening bills of hundreds of dollars. I am disabled, low income, and elderly. Not to leave without mentioning on a government assistance program called " lifeline". No big deal anymore, it use to mean something kept the bill about lowest you can get. For years it functioned well then all of the sudden they began to fluctuate in my bill by a lot! Whereas I could count on about the same exact price every month. Then it started to soar as they applied this arbitrary (unknown by the reps when asked what it's for and why are they applying to me a lifeline recipient, which only means you have a land line with no bells and whistles, no extras call waiting, caller id just a land line etc) They call it the Loyalty Points promotion. First I've been with the company before they were them. Meaning Century Link, before they bought Qwest, then it was US West, then before that it was My Bell decades ago. So I would not only get these hyge fluctuations in my bill, but they would tack on an additional $ 10.00 for my loyalty points dropping off! I could get that? I couldn't get a rep. to respond to my questions of why they started in the first place with a person on a lifeline program. I know of several customers with them not on a program with all the extras that have never heard of this loyalty point promotion. I am so exhausted of having them send me incorrect account charges. So back to Directv, I paid them directly $53.45 for a cable package for two months then I was charged by Century Link on the 3rd month $79.45 for directv, I paid it and immediately canceled service as it would not perform whatsoever in my three months of viewing. Reason being my internet speed is too low. But let me add this in January they sent me a bill for hundreds more than I owed. On a limited income with a normal bill of $45.00 approx. They billed after I sent in payment saying I owed another $172.00 or close enough or they would shut off my internet and landline. I explained many times several hours went into my case but they shut everything off anyway. I had to borrow money, pay the bill then to discover then next billing cycle I had this enormous credit for about the same amount I had to pay. That is why I didn't want to bundle services. Now were back, but the most ridiculous part of this Corporate nightmare is that Directv knows I have a full credit coming no charges whatsoever, oh and I am supposed to see a full refund on all payment with no charges of install or disconnect. My point being if they are in partnership, and they can see all that I have prior to install meaning internet etc.. Why did they send a tech out in May along with an AT&T Directv tech both confirming my internet speed is too low and won't support the DVR and / or any programming or special features which I could not use anything. So that's why I qualify for a refund in full! Here's the. Mess they are still billing me up to July for Directv and when I ask either company to call the other to verify I owe nothing and am "Suppose yo" get a refund after 30 days, that's almost $200.00 I could desperately use. But they have to hold hostage for some reason, they refuse to call each other even though they are in partnership, and have a responsibility for these overcharges. As Directv got paid all that from Century Link, I was told I have to get the refund from Directv (Right!) Then send it to Century Link or I would be shut off. I've had 3 trips to the ER in a month from failing health. The police have been called in the last month due to unsafe and threatening living conditions, theft etc.. So what am I to do. It is without a doubt harrassment, not to mention unlawful and wrongful shut off on a life line recipient. But the most insane business practices I have ever seen. I worked Marketing and Sales when I was younger, in no uncertain terms things have drastically changed as to CS and liability by a company's business ethics and methods. Ok I'm do e ranting. If you stayed with me through all my quirkiness and over explaining the situation at hand....have any advise? Most tell me to go legal? Really? All that for the unjust charges by a couple of Corporate Moguls oh I failed to mention I contacted all presidents offices. Maybe that's why I am not shut off a day ago. Who knows.?

of a little old lady.

Very truly yours,

Extremely Tired

Product or Service Mentioned: Centurylink Bundle.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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