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CenturyLink has to be the worst telephone company EVER!!! They are totally incompetent. If I could get any other phone service I would.

When I first got their service 3 years ago I requested that long distance service not be turned on at my house. Now, I need it. I have been trying for months - literally 4 months - to get this accoplished. Every time I call they say it will be on in 3-5 days. 4 months later - no long distance service.

I wish I had made a record of all of the calls I made to them and the amount of time I have spent on hold. Every time I call and they say they will take care of it then I have to do an automated authorization - one time they connected me to the authorization in Spanish.


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:( From my on-line account today I tried to view a bill from June 2012.I received a bill from March 2012 for someone else.

I think phone records are supposed to be private and protected?????

CL is also billing my $50 - $60 more than the agreed upon amount for my bundled package.Hate it!


I totally agree. Those bastards shut off my utilities regularly. HERE'S A CLIP OF THE CUSTOMER SERVICE I GOT:

Me: Hello? I was wondering why my home phone is not working.

Customer support: Did you try unplugging it then replugging it?

Me: No I'm at work now, But could you check for me?

CS: Sure!...Oh... We accidentally shut off your service. Did you try unplugging it then replugging it?


CS: Okay! Well we can't have someone there till sunday! (The day was wendsday)

At the moment they have shut off my TV. I HATE EM SO MUCH!


Qwest was good.But now, I have to call CL on their errors at least once a month.

I am quite tired of this. There are maybe three people working for CL that are kind and reasonable. Its not any wonder why CL sucks...they are in bed with VERIZON.

As soon as I recover from this latest upset and regain my energy, I am going elsewhere.

:upset :sigh :? :cry :roll :(


quest sucks, these guys swallow. I have never had such crappy service in my life. And that is saying a lot.


quest sucks, these guys swallow. I have never had such crappy service in my life. And that is saying a lot.


Century Link is THE worst provider I have ever dealt with, and I have been through a lot of them in other areas.Unfortunately they are the only choice for internet in my area at this time, so I'm stuck.

Over subscribing their service, it is unusable at peak times and they are too cheap to add more bandwidth but have no problem charging a lot more than their competitors.

All I have to say is I can't wait till Fios or Uverse arrives in the area, the people will leave in droves!!!I hope the company goes belly up, they suck and I hate them with a passion!


I too had quest.I too had the problems after switch for last 3month months.

I too spent hours on the phone to be told by tech they were going to Harkless equipment for oversold bandwidth. Im beginning to suspect they are trying to void existing deals through quest at quest rates. What a bunch of ****heads. Maybe ill file in court after seeing this page.

Yes, I will look into it.As soon as quest switched to centurylink, my net went to ***.


I made the HUGE mistake trying to set up a network connection for internet, home phone and the BIGGEST mistake was to have my wireless phone combined with them. What a NIGHTMARE!! :cry


I have encountered the same baffiling similar situation with these cretens. I suggest we take action by making aware of these fraduluent ethics by confessing it at a local consumer affairs commision.This should be a prevelant resort upon the fact that conversing fairly seems like a waste of time.


With Qwest I had no issues, with CL they overcharged and lied about fixing it 3 times. Liars and rude people with no integrity or customer service skills.

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