The best way to return a modem from CenturyLink is to do Live Chat to get you shipping label sent to you. It is a prepaid label sent by CenturyLink. At the end of the conversation do not close the chat box. Go to Snipping Tool in your accessories on your computer and copy the conversation. Especially make sure you get the RMA # recorded/copied. CenturyLink can track your modem in house by the RMA#. Also, save your tracking # you are given and check to make sure the modem was delivered. You can use the Snipping Tool to copy the page that shows your modem was delivered. Also, to keep your hard earned money in your pocket write down the serial and model #s down and SAVE them. Since CenturyLink sent you the shipping label they can track the modem from their end but there is only a short window of opportunity to do so as the info is only saved for a month or less.

Video you packaging the modem and taking to your car and also video dropping it off at CenturyLinks preferred carrier(transport Co). Keep as much info as you can. Also, put the burden on CenturyLink by telling them to track down the modem as most likely they have it. They have a record of the shipping label they sent you with the RMA # on it. If the people in receiving did their job they will find it! Plus, ask if the modem is insured and make the insurance company pay for the "lost Modem".

CenturyLink should send an e-mail to you when your modem arrives but they don't. That way you would have a record of it if you save the email! Also, the instructions that CenturyLink sends do not tell people to save the RMA# or copy the shippers web page that shows delivery (using the Snipping Tool). I would argue in court that the Modem is the responsibility of CenturyLink after it leaves your hands as you no longer have control of what happens to it. It is their RMA# on the Shipping Label and their shipping label. They can track it from their end all the way to receiving. Maybe a class action suit would get the results for a nice drama free return and some money back in every ones pocket that has been truthful! Truthful people deserve Justice and to not be ripped off by bad business practices! Good luck everyone!

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss poor customer service of modem. CenturyLink needs to read this review and look into the issue (if any) according to poster's claims.

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Also sent century link a modem which they lost. I had their modem for years and shoul haveOwned it by now anyway. Theirs fried years ago and I bought another one myself andThey still want me to return it.,, What a scam!,, Bought another one at a thrift store for $3.00 I’m sendingThem.


OMG - I'm cruising the internet as I wait on hold (44min now....) with century link on this same issue and found this thread. I swear I'm going to blow a fuse.....


Century Link is running a racket.I checked with my local UPS shop and they indicated that they are charging hundreds of customers for lost modems.

The truth is it a dirty way to jab their previous customers for extra money.Keep your tracking numbers it will save you alot of headache and time.


Centurylink is a scam company.I quit my internet service with them months ago and returned their modem using the rma sticker with prepaid ups shipping.

Yesterday I get a collection notice saying I owe $108 due to not returning the modem.

Called them several times to sort out with no help.Don't use century link!

Meridian, Idaho, United States #1330144

your live chat sucks, cant get a hold of anyone, its imposable to talk to or get a hold of anyone to help you just to send a modem back..

Meridian, Idaho, United States #1330143

just wondering who is in charge, or is there just a bunch of monkeys behind the controls. ur live chat sucks...

Fond Du Lac, Wisconsin, United States #1281592

Worst service ever, doing business in a scamming way. Avoid.

Salt Lake City, Utah, United States #1217536

They ripped me off. I sent modem back and they still charge me for it. I hate these people.

Chandler, Arizona, United States #1214722



Pekin, Illinois, United States #1205320

I have called three times and spent hours trying to get a label of, finally, just an address to return your modem.I am a recent widow and tired and so sad as I had been a customer for 56 years......My husband may have listed a password, but I am not aware of it......everyone says that you must have a password....gosh, you took my money every month without one!!!

Do you want your modem back????Just send me an address, and it will be on its way.......this is part of the reason that I had to move from Century.....there was always a strange reason for non working things......Dish send me a box and a label immediately......please send me the address, and someone will help me get it off.....bevjim@grics.net


PS Have not received returned label after 55 days.

to Anonymous #1280852

Been 60 days, no return label.First I canceled the account and paid the final bill, got an authorization number showing cancellation then 30 days later a bill arrived.

I called again, got cancellation numbers because they said the number I got before was no good. 30 days later, got a bill with a different account number. Called, they said the account was closed so they created a new account number so they could bill me. Now they said I would get a refund of $117.

30 days, I got a bill for $28.00. They used my refund and added $28. Still no return label. I sent the balance through my lawyer and initiated a fraud review.

No results yet. Still no return label, lawyer says if they don't send it the modem is mine and they cannot charge me for it since there is no physical location for my area.

By the way all my calls were recorded except the first one.CenturyLink needs to go bankrupt.

Winter Springs, Florida, United States #1173719

Live Chat & customer service will not send return labels.They have told me they have sent twice, but that is after calling 5 times.

I was told it will take at least 30 days to process. I asked, why not, email to me. They explained that was not the process. I have cable boxes and a modem.

Cannot get someone to send me a return address label.It is now the theatre of the absurd.


Thank you for posting!


Seems like enough trouble that I thought I was returning a gold bullion.

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