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The best way to return a modem from CenturyLink is to do Live Chat to get you shipping label sent to you. It is a prepaid label sent by CenturyLink. At the end of the conversation do not close the chat box. Go to Snipping Tool in your accessories on your computer and copy the conversation. Especially make sure you get the RMA # recorded/copied. CenturyLink can track your modem in house by the RMA#. Also, save your tracking # you are given and check to make sure the modem was delivered. You can use the Snipping Tool to copy the page that shows your modem was delivered. Also, to keep your hard earned money in your pocket write down the serial and model #s down and SAVE them. Since CenturyLink sent you the shipping label they can track the modem from their end but there is only a short window of opportunity to do so as the info is only saved for a month or less.

Video you packaging the modem and taking to your car and also video dropping it off at CenturyLinks preferred carrier(transport Co). Keep as much info as you can. Also, put the burden on CenturyLink by telling them to track down the modem as most likely they have it. They have a record of the shipping label they sent you with the RMA # on it. If the people in receiving did their job they will find it! Plus, ask if the modem is insured and make the insurance company pay for the "lost Modem".

CenturyLink should send an e-mail to you when your modem arrives but they don't. That way you would have a record of it if you save the email! Also, the instructions that CenturyLink sends do not tell people to save the RMA# or copy the shippers web page that shows delivery (using the Snipping Tool). I would argue in court that the Modem is the responsibility of CenturyLink after it leaves your hands as you no longer have control of what happens to it. It is their RMA# on the Shipping Label and their shipping label. They can track it from their end all the way to receiving. Maybe a class action suit would get the results for a nice drama free return and some money back in every ones pocket that has been truthful! Truthful people deserve Justice and to not be ripped off by bad business practices! Good luck everyone!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Trying to return a modem,need a label,please send to my address 2912 3rd st w Lehigh Acres,fl 33971


my account 206 722 - 4518 331R trying to return a modem , need a label . please send to my address 2853 S GENESEE st SEATTLE WA 98108 thank you


Century link is a pain in the butt I have waited 22 days for a label to return there mistake. Have been told will have to pay if not returned in 30 days.

Why do the lie and say the label has been shipped. When it hasn’t.


what address do i send the modem back to? Ill pay the postage


Your Return Modem Message is right on the money!! I also recommend all to followed your suggestions (snap shots of all) I originally open a request to cancel cable "noted the reference ID for cancellation".

When my service was NOT canceled century links response was "we lost your cancellation". When taking my return equipment to the UPS store, the UPS customer service rep noticed the shipping address was century link and advised me to keep the tracking info... not just until tracking showed the package was received but "keep the tracking info for months" for the reason of continued problems with century link returns!!

I recall the tech that originally connected our century hookup, he originally worked for a different provider and mention the biggest difference was century link has poor customer service! I do have internet with century link but with the worthless customer service and professionalism I will be dropping their service completely!!


Tried to return modem all stores are closed. Ck'd the internet for local stores then called to see if they were open.

All the numbers were to WalMart stores???? How is this company in business


I need to return equipment. I don’t have a printer.

Last week they said I would get a letter that I had old equipment And not all parts needed to be returned. Throw out. Never received anything.

Michele A Horan. Account 651 695 8824 165


Century Link: Hours and hours of "chat" that goes absolutely nowhere! Site keeps returning us to previous screen which makes us "grumpy".

Unresponsive help, failed promises to mail label that never comes.....And a site that denies our account ever existed..... AND, when we cancelled our service they offered us service for half of what we had been paying at twice the speed - what the H_LL had I been paying for anyway????


Trying to return medium. I have no internet.

Pay TV and phone already and being build frontman CenturyLink also. My address NANCY ARGALIAS, 100 LUND ROAD, COOK MINNESOTA 55723. I know it goes though UPS.

I will stop payment. Have been paying over a couple of years.


Trying to return a modem, need a label. Please send to my new address. 174 West 4250 South, Murray, Utah, 84107


I have a modem I wood like to return to you. Can you send me return lable


I have a modem I wood like to return to you.


I have called 5 times, to return my equiment and no help. i said send it on me email noting.

mail it to me noting.

try computor print no way to get return lable. help i don't want to pay late charges.


I need a shipping label mailed to: Debra Jones 3064 Vinson Rd. Clayton, N.C. 27527


How do I get a return box ?


all i need is a return shipping label. im trying to help my 80 yr old neighbor return her equipment to centurylink.

you guys sent her a label addressed to herself. please send me to whom ever i need to, to get this matter taken care of.


Good Morning I have two century link modems I need to return for account # {{Redacted}} under Jose Sabine Griego - DOB: 030138; do I just take it directly to UPS or can you send me a return label or ?


I spoke with CenturyLink about returning my modem, was given instructions and was able to use the company's website to print out a shipping label. However, a week after sending the modem back via UPS, I called to ask about my bill (because OF COURSE it was wrong....again), and also asked if my modem had arrived.

It had not and the rep told me it was due to arrive the next day. Then she said that I would have to recontact CL to let them know the unit was back in their hands and to NOW ask for it to be taken off my account--even though I had already let them know I was returning it and was given no instructions to recontact the company. I asked why I would ever have to call again, since not only had I already alerted them about my return but their return center should process the modem and do whatever was needed to remove it from the account. How was it now MY responsibility?

I was told that when CL receives a modem, there is no in-house system for for updating and crediting the account, so the customer--who has never been given this information--must call and report the return. What other company in the world makes you call and tell them what they should already know and has no procedure in place to deal with returns? Of course I pointed out the stupidity and was met with stony silence. I really can't believe there is no process for dealing with returned equipment, so this customer rep is likely making it up as she goes along.

But I'm calling them again today because I do not want to see a recurring $10/month charge for a modem I no longer rent. Idiots.


I have been trying to return a modem for over a month and every time I attempt to print a label online it says my account number is not valid. That is funny.

They seem to have no problem doing autopay on that account number every month!

I even got a customer service representative on the phone and even then she would not take down my information and send me a shipping label to return the modem. This is HORRIBLE customer service and someone in their management should CHANGE IT IMMEDIATELY.


I am going thru the same *** right now. I am a Retired employee with 31 years of service. So if that tells you anything......more than half your life dedicated to a company doesn't do *** for you either.

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