The best way to return a modem from CenturyLink is to do Live Chat to get you shipping label sent to you. It is a prepaid label sent by CenturyLink. At the end of the conversation do not close the chat box. Go to Snipping Tool in your accessories on your computer and copy the conversation. Especially make sure you get the RMA # recorded/copied. CenturyLink can track your modem in house by the RMA#. Also, save your tracking # you are given and check to make sure the modem was delivered. You can use the Snipping Tool to copy the page that shows your modem was delivered. Also, to keep your hard earned money in your pocket write down the serial and model #s down and SAVE them. Since CenturyLink sent you the shipping label they can track the modem from their end but there is only a short window of opportunity to do so as the info is only saved for a month or less.

Video you packaging the modem and taking to your car and also video dropping it off at CenturyLinks preferred carrier(transport Co). Keep as much info as you can. Also, put the burden on CenturyLink by telling them to track down the modem as most likely they have it. They have a record of the shipping label they sent you with the RMA # on it. If the people in receiving did their job they will find it! Plus, ask if the modem is insured and make the insurance company pay for the "lost Modem".

CenturyLink should send an e-mail to you when your modem arrives but they don't. That way you would have a record of it if you save the email! Also, the instructions that CenturyLink sends do not tell people to save the RMA# or copy the shippers web page that shows delivery (using the Snipping Tool). I would argue in court that the Modem is the responsibility of CenturyLink after it leaves your hands as you no longer have control of what happens to it. It is their RMA# on the Shipping Label and their shipping label. They can track it from their end all the way to receiving. Maybe a class action suit would get the results for a nice drama free return and some money back in every ones pocket that has been truthful! Truthful people deserve Justice and to not be ripped off by bad business practices! Good luck everyone!

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss poor customer service of modem. Centurylink needs to read this review and look into the issue (if any) according to poster's claims.

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I wish I could close you crooks down. I have been trying to get rid of this stinking modem.

I got rid of you except for this stinking modem. tis is the last time I will notify you to get to you the next stop is the dump.

you have one week . William j baker William j baker105 summit courtgreenwood s.c.2964p


I am not getting anyone to answer me about return labels.I will not pay the mental fee if I'm late sending back my modem.


I don't have a printer so I need you to send me return label


I just want to have an address to return my modem.

to darlene robinson #1518227

I had to go to centurylink... https://ast.iship.com/centurylink and put in my account number to get the address. Hope this helps.


where do I put in the information on returning my modem


I have been waiting for someone to get in touch with me about modem when I canceled service. No one did.

This is the third month I've been charged $4.99.

This is ridicules having to find this information when I call to see why no one has gotten touch with me. Need return label for modem ASAP!!!!


need an address return label. my internet is not any faster still very slow, not happy, please reply


Need a address to return an old modem. Please reply


Unable to go to site to get shipping label to return modem that was replaced. This sucks


I am trying to get a return label and don't know how to do a live chat. Why can't you just give me a label so I can pack and ship this modem back to you? I am tired of every time I need to get a lable for a return from anybody I have to jump through 100 different hoops before I CAN GET A SATISFIED RESULT AND I AM VERY UNHAPPY and very frustrated!!!

to Linda Borton #1503184

Linda I am with you I hate these utility company and how they waste your time and jack you around


Why can I get on the page for a return label cant send back the modem if I cant find the page to print the label. please send label to johnnie miller 165 cheerie murrell road Hinesville ga 31313.


I've been trying for days to print or get a return address label to return a modem and have received NO answers and cannot get into the return label web site. In the meantime I am being billed for not returning a modem.I am really getting disgusted with the Century Link Service.


I need an address label to return modem to Century link. I received the new CL modem and it works great.

My email address is pcarlo@q.com and my address is 10556 E. Palomino Rd., Scottsdale, az 85258


I need a return label to return a modem and am unable to print it from the web site.can you email me one to aewid@aol.com as soon as possible so I can return this modem and get credit for it.Thanks.


I need an address label to return modem to Century link.. I have discontinued service with Century Link..

Please send label to, Ranny Lane 9374 Friend Rd.

De Graff. Ohio 43318

to Ranny Lane #1508054

I need a return label to return old defective modem.no printer to print label.TNX.


please me an address label to return equipment. The account has been closed.johnsboyce@centurylink.netcurrent234 wood ave sw#107bainbridge is, wa 98110425 241 5786old55 mckenzie laneport ludlow, wa 98365


Why not provide a link to live chat or whatever is necessary to generate a return label, instead of forcing me to hunt for it. The instructions in the modem package sent me to this web site--a dead end!Even better, why didn't you include the return label in the shipment?

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