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Worst company you can do business with. My second modem in a period of one and a half months has gone out again.

This Is due to the fact that they send you used equipment that is beat up and only lasts a month or so. I was promised a new modem last time and now I am without internet again for another week. I was told yesterday morning that I would receive a new modem tomorrow. They did not bother to process this until last night so now I am not going to get a new modem until Monday which is probably going to be another used piece of junk.

I spent over 1 hour yesterday on the telephone over a simple modem which is unacceptable. Then while telling them how unhappy I was with CenturyLink they were trying to sell me another bundled package. They also do not credit you for the days your service is down. It took me almost 6 months to straighten out my bill after getting the price for life.

I would switch providers but the only other option I have is Comcast which is just as bad as CenturyLink.

I am now going to reach out to the Attorney General's office and the Better Business Bureau to see if anything can be done and to get a NEW modem and a credit for the days without internet, but I don't expect that anything will be done looking at the history and all the bad things I have read. If you possibly can, avoid doing business with these people because their ethics have a lot to be desired and they treat their customers like dirt.

Product or Service Mentioned: Centurylink Internet Service.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Centurylink Cons: Last few months unreliable service.

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Update: I finally bought my own modem but spent over 3 months trying to get the $299 non returned modem charges for 3 modems plus monthly late charges removed from my account. I reached out to the FCC who was able to get the bill fixed within a month's time.

I had also filed a complaint with the Florida Attorney General. Unfortunately nothing will change, and all these issues will continue.

Kevin s

worst customer services ever

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