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He "Ron"finally install everything..now checking speed and router doesn't deliver .i dont think its brand new may be refurbished. 20mins later tweaking and teying to figure out how to make it work.

I just told hom forget about it. Ill use my linksys Velop and it work like a charm. Clocking in speeds up to 628mbps. Today i called CenturyLink i wanted to return the router.

They told me i have to return both coz its a bundle....stupid really stupid service i dont need a piece of crap router mine is better...and if i decide to purchase they dont sell the MODEM only u have to buy it as a bundle router + modem..hope i dont have to call again for help for they ha e really bad Costumer Service..fiber works...when CenturyLink wants too...i got a picture of the router it has bad reviews all over...i also have a number of other costumers that has the same problem..coincidence? I think not its just plain old CenturyLink poor service.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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