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As a former employee - - My best advice is stay away from CenturylLink whether seeking employment or as a customer. They hire people off of the streets, pay them not very well, and expect them to handle customer calls/complaints, lie to customers, want employees to meet there ridiculous stats, quote one price for products and get charged a different price, customer service and reliability of there service is horrible.

Promise contractors that there is a good chance to being a permanent employee, but it doesn't happen. Lie to employees as well. Just received a phone call saying that I was done working for CenturyLink and never received a Thank You for the effort/time that I worked for them. I believe that all they care about is having enough warm bodies to handle customer calls and to pay them as little as possible.

Majority of the time they are good about pointing out all the wrong things that you are doing. Keep training you and giving you more responsibilities which can be a good thing, but in there case they expect it with no raise in pay. I'll GLADLY stay with Comcast for my service! The difference between the two companies is like night and day.

One last laugh - - part of the company motto is to treat employees/customers with honesty and integrity!


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Can someone tell me who to contact in regards to installing a terminal/port for the duplexes we own? We have 12 renters and adding 30 more by the end of the year.

Apparently, centurylink says service is exhausted in our area and they will pass the request “higher up”. They’ve been saying this for months now.

I need to talk to someone that actually has some authority in getting this done. What’s even more ridiculous is there is an actual century link cable running along side our property but yet we can’t get service....


I worked for CenturyLink , Qwest for 20 years and was laid off with no notice just escorted out the door. Every year I had outstanding reviews.

The new Level3 management have no conscience. This method of RIF lacks in a moral and ethical way. 60 % of the recent layoffs were people over 50 . WE were told to complete the divestiture testing of 24 dark fibers or the merger would not go through and then on Jan 12, 2018 we were terminated .

I will not recommend this company to anyone . If you work for CenturyLink get the experience you need and get out .


I worked for this company for about 8 months and it was the most miserable, soul sucking job I have ever had in my life. The companies morals are complete *** and they thrive on scams to get people's money. Stay far away from this company.


I left CenturyLink after almost seven years with the company and would not recommend them as an employer or as a service provider.

While there are some very good, smart and talented people in the company they are out numbered by the ego driven power hungry authoritarians who are "in charge".

The company was founded on "unifying principles" which most directors and above totally disregard. They will talk about them but do not put them into action. The Human Resource leadership is among the worst. I have heard them call employees dumb, *** and ***. The management in that organization does not even know who works in it and they have forced out anyone that does not adhere to their "I am in charge" attitude.

If you are considering going to work for them, think again.

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