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I received a call from a CenturyLink sales person telling me how great it would be to have the voice over IP system at my business. I was going to save over $100 per month with this service.

CenturyLink made me aware that I needed the person who installed my phone lines to come out and do some connections. Everything went on as scheduled. The day that this T-1 was installed, everything went hay wire. I was not made aware that I had to have my IT guy here to do the program the router.

My incoming and my outgoing caller Id not longer worked. My Internet speed ranges from .21 - 1.46 Mbps upload and download, E-mails send and receive extremely slow, there are echoes in the phone lines, sometimes calls just get disconnected and sometimes the phone lines call back after a person hangs up the line. I never had any of theses problems before CenuryLinks T-1. CenturyLink opened a repair ticket for the incoming caller ID, and they talked through it with my phone vendor and they determined that it was my issue and not theirs.

I spoke to CenturyLink and they made it clear that they will make me complete the contract. I wrote the Public Commissions Utility of Minnesota and the FCC. CenturyLink has replied to the FCC with lies and they have procrastinated with the MN PUC.

It has been over 7 weeks and nothing has done.


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Thank you for your reply, Joey. I appreciate your optimism on helping me resolve this situation.

I have spoken to five different people within CenturyLink, including a manager that has called me on three occasions, each time she tells me a new excuse as to why nothing is getting done and how she needs more time to figure this out. I have been going through issues with my phone lines and internet for 64 days. I am not exhausting another minute of my time on trying to get things resolved so that I can stay with Centurylink.

. I have taken the steps necessary to get rid of CenturyLink in my office.


Hi Jennyski. My name is Joey and I'm with CenturyLink. I'm very sorry to read about the trouble you've had. Our team would be glad to look into this issue for you. We just ask you email us at with your name, account number in question and any other helpful details. Once received someone will respond to your concerns as soon as possible. Thanks!

Joey H

Manager, @CenturyLinkHelp Team

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