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I have never had as many internet and tv issues as I have with Century Link. In fact, I may not be able to finish this if my internet crashes again.

I am not upset over a single event. I am upset over multiple events. In fact in October 2012, I was out of the tv and internet for over 2 days!! I was promised a credit and when I finally got around to calling....the company had no record of it.

I called them so many times over the two day period (I mean I called a LOT)that it is outrageous that they can't find documentation of it. (Like I made it up-uggh and the weirdest experience I have ever had.)

I was a Cox customer for years and the longest I ever went without service was 30 minutes. I am deeply regretting my decision. I never should have left.

Perhaps one out of three customer service reps are helpful and I can't believe I am out of service all night tonight-AGAIN. The whole thing sucks.

If I can save someone from the same mistake..cool. I usually never write these things.

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Sorry to hear about your DSL problems we are happy to help. Please email us your account & contact numbers and we'll have our DSL Escalations Team help resolve these problems.


Corey Tidwell

Centurylink Help Team


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