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I've called your customer support, but am posting this to let you know how concerned I am at having my personal security compromised by your company via a post-service call survey. Last week, CenturyLink sent a service technician to my home to correct an ongoing underperforming Internet speed issue.

I had to wait a week for the tech to come out, and he affected a quick fix of my problem. The Internet seemed to be working fine when he left, but that lasted only a couple of days. By Christmas Eve, it was dropping out again. I was sent a survey in which I rated the outcome of the call (poor) and my impressions of the technician (poor to average).

On Tuesday, I get a call from the technician, who tells me he understands that my Internet isn't working. He then makes it a point to tell me he knows this because he is LOOKING AT THE SURVEY. I was under the impression that such surveys are anonymous. This man was on my property, knows where I live, and now knows I rated in poorly in several categories.

This is very unnerving, Even worse, he made an appointment to come do additional repairs, but when I checked last night, there is NO work ticket listed with CenturyLink repair. I called to lodge my concerns, but haven't heard back. I would think security concerns would be taken seriously by your company. Apparently they are not.

And my Internet still isn't working properly.

Just plain unprofessional service all the way around. I hate to chance ISP's, but I may have no choice.

Reason of review: security breach.

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