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They are the biggest rip off! Worst customer service I have ever experience from a company. Would not recommend to anyone. I bundle their service with direct tv and they are putting direct tv to shame!

I am a direct tv customer and decided to try to do a bundle deal with century link so i can get faster internet service than the one that i have with COX.I called on 2/21/12 to set up my service. I was never even told a date when a rep. was going to come out and turn on my services. It took 3 phone calls to find out a specific date when my service would be turned on. I found on that it was to be 2/27/12. On 2/27/12 a rep. comes out and says, " that i cannot hook up your service. Something is wrong with your line and a construction team needs to come out within a couple weeks to clear out my line." A couple weeks you have got to be kidding me. So, once again i call and call century link to have a sooner date for this to be done. They set up a for this date to be 3/2/12. The construction team came out on 3/2/12 and cleared the line and turned my services on. On sat. 3/3/12, i decided to plug in my phones to make sure everything is working and it is not. I discover that my phone jacks in my house are not working. ( i have a 3 yr old home and have always had COX communications so i never have had to use my jacks until not) I call century links customer service again and they say that , " the soonest anyone could come out will be next week. YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME>! I demand for it to be sooner or that they can cancel my service. The rep tells me, " that my apt has been scheduled for Monday 3/5/12 from 8-12pm. On sunday 3/4, i am out running errands all day. When i get home i find a hanger on my door from century link with a note from an rep that came to my house stating that i will be charged 85doll for his visit. This man never even stepped foot inside my home and my apt was for Monday not Sunday.

I called on 3/5/12 and have my services shut off and the agent assures me that i shouldnt be billed anything.

On 3/19 i get a bill in the mail for 100.26 I had my services that i wasnt able to use for all of 3 days!!! I call the account representatives for century link and they are unwilling to change the bill. They go off what their rep's say over a customer! They refuse to have you talk to a supervisor.


Monetary Loss: $100.

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Sounds like you have had a time of it, sorry about that. We have some very specific guidelines when it comes to installing, digging and wiring of jacks etc. Your issue often happens after a cable outfit has installed their proprietary connection (just as it would to them when wee do) at the wire terminal outside the house. At any rate, the dispatch charge is pretty standard if we see connect to the network box and dispatch a tech, not sure where the breakdown occurred regarding the date but we can help with your charges. Email us the account number, address to and we can pull the records to review. If it turns out you were up then down due to all this, we'll make this right.


Steve CenturyLinkHelp Team

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