Winter Park, Florida

I've been with the same internet provider for about 5 years. They started as Sprint, became Sprint/Embarq, then I think another buyout, then finally Centurylink. The problem has been around since the very beginning.

My internet constantly drops out during random use. Load a page, it might disconnect. join a server when playing a game, might disconnect. Try to log into an email, paypal, forum, etc, might disconnect. It's never a gaurentee, but over the years I've been able to find things that will give me a 70-90% chance of disconnecting. Every time it happens the entire modem shuts off then restarts.

The biggest complaint is I've attempted off and on to fix this problem from day 1. It's always the same. they run me through resetting the router. They send a line tech out who says everythings fine. They offer to replace the modem (After about 10 I've started insisting thats not the problem.) Eventually I get fed up and just deal with it, but in the past month or two its gotten completely out of hand.

No one ever has anything to say besides the routine "reconnect steps. replace modem. test line. nope it all works" no. It doesn't all work. I'm a computer technician and been one since before I had this internet service. I know for a fact it has nothing to do with my router forward, its something from the modem back, but I can't ever seem to get past having a line tech check the lines and say its all good.

So fed up. Here's a glimpse of my last 5 hours of experience (I'm making a list to work with, planning to hound them until this is resolved and some compensation sure would be great at this point.):

"*NOTE* Youtube didnt usually disconnect me until June 18th

June 18th, 10:43pm - - instantly disconnected after doing a search for "Left for dead trailor"

June 18th, 10:47pm - - disconnected after searching "left 4 dead intro" and hit enter

June 19th, 3:03am - - Disconnected doing a search in the top searchbar

June 19th, 3:44am - Unknown (Was playing a game), most likely something the living room computer was doing

June 19th, 3:49am - - tried to view my inbox (window was already open), not sure if that's what disconnected

June 19th, 3:52am - - was reading about disconnect issues with centurylink (ohh the irony), clicked a link on the page, disconnected.

June 19th, 3:54am - - Same as above. Can't help but laugh at this now."

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N.y CenturyLink connection keeps disconnecting randomly during the night at wee hours of the night. The disconnection seems to very consistent and very nocturnal.

Something odd seems to be going on with CenturyLink.

Comcast has already had to settle for fraudulent behavior.. let's hope CenturyLink gets their connections together and don't have to succumb to the same fate.


complain to BBB and FTC and FCC. comcast was part of a class action lawsuit because it was caught throttling back promised connection speeds not long ago. when enough complaints are made the same thing will happen with CL.


on the spam calls. you can request for them to stop calling with offers. they will add you to their own internal do not call list


additionally, whenever a new business package or service package is available the current customers are made to suffer in favor of new accounts..dont worry it will be their turn one day..mwahahahahah


the service is bad because centurylink knows as bad as things get on their own making you'll put up with it as a customer because they know their rates are either cheaper than any other provider or that they are the only provider that services your area so you have no other options.


I'm extremely surprised to see that my family is not the only people having this issue. It started about a week ago where the internet constantly is shutting on and off.

3 days ago its shut on and off 7+ times within 2 hours. I have no clue what is going on. I've reset it many times and now the router won't even turn back on completely. Its very frustrating because my mom pays the bill every month just for century link to screw us over with this terrible service.

My mom even pre-ordered the fiber internet which was supposedly a lot faster and better. After a while I realized that we no longer had the faster internet and asked my mom to see if she canceled it. Turns out she never did and was paying the extra money for the specific Wi-Fi just for us to have it taken away unbeknownstly.

I have no idea why this service is so bad. It worked for a while perfectly but now its absolutely horrible


I am so surprised at all the lawsuits all over the country and thousands of complaints about them. I had no idea.


My comments are about the spam on their lines every day I receive 20-30 spam calls at first you just hung up but now they call right back and cuss you out for not wanting to have what they say you examples my apple cloud has been breached . dont have apple, IRS is seizing every thing I own and put me in jail, major crime and being put in jail, my SS number is being canceled because of a major crime grandson in jail in Mexico needs money car warranty expired, lower credit card interest rates refunds for services I didn't pay for major fishing for credit card numbers to verify supposed spam when you contact them, there is nothing they can do because they are not a police agency contact your state DA to file a complaint ARENT the lines they ue belonging to you why cant you do any thing time for MA BELL to return and get rid of these crap bogus companies


I live in Phoenix and have had Century Link for about 10 years, off and on. This is the first year I've noticed the internet stopping for no good reason.

I can go some days with no problems, then spotty service all day for some days. We have the same problem at our church. We don't use it a alot at church, but we'll have whole days when the service will drop.

My family has Cox and has the same problems. They internet providers are in collusion with each other and unless the government intercedes, were just sol.


Download a program called PingPlotter, it will show you where the internet is *** up, I have century link and the dallas connection point almost always had 100% packet loss. It's on them and it's their connections.

I have no other options but them and I feel like everyone is just SoL with them.

They do not care and dont want to fix the problems as long as money is still flowing into the company. Maybe we all should put more and more reviews on google and BBB to let others know not to get this terrible *** ISP.


Same *** here, I can't even watch one damned episode of a show, shoot I won't even be using it and it disconnects and reconnects randomly. I counted today the number of times it cuts and goes and I counted 25 *** times!

At this rate I'd be better off switching to Dish. Satelite is slower and might lose it in storms however at least I'll have constant connection and get what I pay for. CenturyLink is a joke excuse for an ISP. A year ago it happened rarely and now it's happening more with each passing month.

I live in Moore County, NC and everyone around here has the same problem. Not just some people. Most people. It happens at the most random times as well, I was even up at 2am trying to watch shows on my time off and couldn't since it would just drop, I sure as *** know it's not on my end.

The modem is fine.

Can't switch to Spectrum since they're owned by charter now, equally as scummy as comcast. This is just a *** joke to them.


for a week now every day (except a day or two somehow) we'll get disconnected like every 12 minutes during the afternoon and evening. It's real fun when your kids just want to play online w/ their friends but he damn internet keeps disconnecting for no reason. CenturyLink doesn't even know how to check logs on their end to see if they see a disconnect from our modem, the issue sure as **** isn't on our end because nothing has changed.


Centurylink is horrible and horrible service.


Im starting to think they are doing this *** on purpose. It turns off every day for me, for HOURS.

Just a minute ago my internet turned back on, after not having internet for literally the entire day, then after 30 minutes of it being on, it shuts off again. Im starting to get pissed off, I have *** to do, and when this keeps happening, Im starting to believe they do this on purpose. I might just drop CenturyLink, and get some other provider.

It was fine, but extremely slow at my other house, but then we move, and I can barely use this garbage. Im just sick of their *** they need to fix this, or Im just gonna go.


Ours go out every month for an ENTIRE DAY! They won’t even answer the phone on these days anymore.

They just have a recording, informing you that their guys are working in the lines!

Currently looking for a different provider! This is BS!


Same issue drops 1 - 3 times everyday and have to cycle by unplugging to get it back. It’s been 2-3 years now.

Same as they are zero help and cannot fix the problem.

The real BS is that I have no other option. Frustrated to say the least.


Actually looking up why my internet drops out every night for no reason at the same time


I lose Century Link EVERY SINGLE NIGHT for about 5 minutes around 11 pm. I’d say that’s a problem on THEIR end, not mine. If it keeps happening, I’m changing providers.


I have the same issue, also with Centurylink, but my issue just started a week or so ago. we have 3 Win 10 PC's and several android devices that use the network.

The Internet will randomly drop, every hour or so, and have to reboot the modem to fix it.

We finally got them to replace the modem a few days ago, and it didn't fix the issue. I have replaced all cables, even replaced the wiring from the outside phone box (they tried to blame the inside phone wiring) We are now trying to figure out what to do now, since the problem rarely occurs while on the phone with them, and can't be recreated on demand...


Having the same issue here, only happens at night

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