I've been with the same internet provider for about 5 years. They started as Sprint, became Sprint/Embarq, then I think another buyout, then finally Centurylink. The problem has been around since the very beginning.

My internet constantly drops out during random use. Load a page, it might disconnect. join a server when playing a game, might disconnect. Try to log into an email, paypal, forum, etc, might disconnect. It's never a gaurentee, but over the years I've been able to find things that will give me a 70-90% chance of disconnecting. Every time it happens the entire modem shuts off then restarts.

The biggest complaint is I've attempted off and on to fix this problem from day 1. It's always the same. they run me through resetting the router. They send a line tech out who says everythings fine. They offer to replace the modem (After about 10 I've started insisting thats not the problem.) Eventually I get fed up and just deal with it, but in the past month or two its gotten completely out of hand.

No one ever has anything to say besides the routine "reconnect steps. replace modem. test line. nope it all works" no. It doesn't all work. I'm a computer technician and been one since before I had this internet service. I know for a fact it has nothing to do with my router forward, its something from the modem back, but I can't ever seem to get past having a line tech check the lines and say its all good.

So fed up. Here's a glimpse of my last 5 hours of experience (I'm making a list to work with, planning to hound them until this is resolved and some compensation sure would be great at this point.):

"*NOTE* Youtube didnt usually disconnect me until June 18th

June 18th, 10:43pm - www.youtube.com - instantly disconnected after doing a search for "Left for dead trailor"

June 18th, 10:47pm - www.youtube.com - disconnected after searching "left 4 dead intro" and hit enter

June 19th, 3:03am - www.facebook.com - Disconnected doing a search in the top searchbar

June 19th, 3:44am - Unknown (Was playing a game), most likely something the living room computer was doing

June 19th, 3:49am - gmail.com - tried to view my inbox (window was already open), not sure if that's what disconnected

June 19th, 3:52am - centurylink.pissedconsumer.com - was reading about disconnect issues with centurylink (ohh the irony), clicked a link on the page, disconnected.

June 19th, 3:54am - centurylink.pissedconsumer.com - Same as above. Can't help but laugh at this now."

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At least you get a technician, they won't even send one to my house.


Same issue here


same issue here... very frustrating.


*** Centurylink. They have a monopoly on internet on my street; we have called *everyone* that offers internet of any kind, including satellite, which is ludicrously expensive.

We have literally no other option except Centurylink... Oh, and the only speed they offer on our street of about 15 residents is the absolute slowest option offered: something like 10MB down and 3 MB up. So no Twitch streaming for us. The first 4 months, they tried to add anywhere between $50-$100 of extra *** onto the bill.

We had to call EVERY. SINGLE. MONTH. to demand that they take that *** off, and tell them that we will utterly refuse to pay for anything but the agreed-upon bill of $45/month for our *** 10MB DL internet.

Each call took about an hour, because we had to play the game of "Demand to speak to this person's manager, and be refused by this person, saying it's not possible (only to be transferred around, put on hold for ages, and then finally transferred to a higher authority)". Oh, and then the actual paying of the bills. That's a fun one. They have 2 options: Pay online with a credit card and be charged some $2-$3 (I don't remember exactly, as it's my husband who has the patience to deal with this company/bill) for no *** reason, OR you can give Centurylink your BANK ACCOUNT INFORMATION, and have them AUTOMATICALLY charge your bill.

That seems like a *** swell idea, when this company is notorious for doubling or tripling your monthly bill for no apparent reason, hoping they can get away with it. We obviously elect to pay online and fork over the unnecessary $2-$3 every month. Not to mention the fact that the actual quality of the internet service is utter garbage. If we are lucky, we will have a full day of connectivity with no drops or disconnects.

Today is not that day. In fact, for the past 2 weeks, we have been dealing with scattered disconnects (which is truly *** obnoxious because we are both avid gamers, and we play online games in our free time). In the past two hours, this disconnect/reconnect *** has been near CONSTANT. I *cannot* finish a game of Hearthstone without being disconnected multiple times.

Yeah, I tried turning the router/modem (sorry, I'm not great with computers and I use the term interchangeably because I don't know the difference) off and on the proper way; it didn't change a thing. And of course, the internet "looks good" and is "running fine" according to all their tests online and through their call techs. If it's fine, why am I bothering to call them? We have been hounding Spectrum to expand onto our street.

And by "hounding", I mean "begging". Spectrum services the neighborhoods and streets *on either side of us*, but not us. I don't care if I have to pay more for the exact same internet speed (which wouldn't be the case anyway, since they'd be putting in entirely new infrastructure) to Spectrum. I am so incredibly *** fed up with Centurylink as a company and as a service, that I would be absolutely overjoyed if Spectrum came out here, and I would switch *immediately*.

Tl; dr: If you have an option to take anything other than Centurylink: TAKE IT. Avoid Centurylink AT ALL COSTS. Literally. If Centurylink is your only option, like in our case, ALWAYS thoroughly read through your bill, every single month.

They WILL try to double, even triple, your normal bill if you aren't paying attention, as they are the absolute scummiest company I have ever had the misfortune of having to deal with.

*** Centurylink. I Hope they are sued into oblivion/bankruptcy.


The very SAME problem is here as well....and look at the date 10-09----2018 (Eighteen!!!!) This appears to be ongoing and it doesnt get resolved or addressed. TWO techs came out, modem replaced twice and they look at me as IF I SHOULD KNOW WHAT THE PROBLEM IS?!

The packets are getting DROPPED, Web pages - Connection TIMED OUT - errors are non stop. There is NO good time to use the internet and the connections drop every 2-10 minutes. Just called and their idea is to replace the modem! WTF kind of a mind numbing company is this?!

The last 2 that were replaced didn't work, so let's try a 3d one?! The garbage doesn't work, the line is "Grand!", the line connectivity on their end is "OUTSTANDING"....So, all is GRAND except there is just one issues - CONNECTION TIMED OUT! THERE IS NO INTERNET IN THE WIRE, THE PACKETS ARE DROPPED! WTF?!

Good bye Century Link! Given the number of people having problems, this is the only solution.


The past three days the internet/cable has been completely unusable due to the modem continuously cycling. I can't even connect to the network before it disconnects again.

The cable constantly restarts and the signal is unavailable. I called their customer service last night that ended with no solution to the problem. I sat on hold tonight for over 45 minutes with no representative answering. Talk about terrible customer service.

I'm cancelling their services and going with a different provider. In the short 2 months of having their services there has been nothing but problems.

There has been some level of connectivity issues from the very beginning. The amount of money spent on their services which can't be relied on is outrageous.

to Anonymous #1574469

Same, they're awful! Switching to Xfinity.


Me too everyday, EVERYDAY, my connection drops. Every single day this occurs.

Line tech has been to my home twice. No improvements, time to drop CenturyLink and pay just a little more for a reliable service provider


Having the same problem, will find a different modem/router


CENTURYLINK IS WORSE THAN TIME WARNER WAS. As noted by others on this forum the problem continues with no solution in sight.

I've also been given several modems and about 30 service calls this year but the problem continues. They would have you think you are the problem and say we don't know what to tell you all of OUR equipment is working fine. I get NO internet connection alerts several times a day. I tell them I did speed tests and it's lacking.

The first thing they ask is if I used CL speed tests because that's the only one that matters. Fact is, that's the only one that passes! I wondered if the problem was due to the End of Net Neutrality but it was bad before that. Now it's worse.

I'm starting to think their service is some sort of scam and I think everyone reading this needs to report their service to the BBB.

My service has always been bad but this week is worse than ever. I think there are too many customers for the bandwidth they offer.


I am currently having this problem. We signed up for CenturyLink internet in Feb.

Ever since then it continues to drop all the time. They sent out a technician 2 times and replace the tower and yet it still is happening. I am paying for *** nothing. I am going to cancel my account and sign up with another provider.

Worst experience ever.

And they can't even fix it. They are stealing my money for nothing.


Here's the thing. I am a gamer and I have been having these issues with centurylink to where the internet will shut off the box itself will stay on but the actual internet connection shuts off for like 15-30 seconds and then comes back on.

The reason I know this, is because the modem is right next to my gaming setup. Unlike others mine happens way more than one time a day.

It happens constantly. Ultimately I am paying the same price for 10 mbps that I could be paying for up to 400 with Comcast.


having the same problem,and got the same answers from centurylink, i don't think they want to admit, they can't fix the problem.


Having the same problem since July 2018. Every night at 10:10 pm the modem disconnects and will not reboot for hours.

I have 1 pc connected via ethernet and thats it. They have tested the wire and gone through all the usual steps of rebooting the modem. Century Link is unable to fix this problem. I feel bad for my landlord because it's not their fault and I will not be renewing my lease because of this.

Century Link has oversold the market, because the outages happen like clockwork.

Don't buy a new modem/router, that is an excuse they use. Get a new isp.


This wont fix all of your issues in this thread, but you can try this: Open your network settings on computer (Ethernet or WiFi) Right click, open properties Click Advanced tab Click Share tab The two check boxes should be UNCHECKED you have to check the first one to uncheck the bottom one.


I'm having the same problem. I hate their service.

I thought it was my modem or router, but I replaced both of them. It's not just the Wi-Fi, it's the hard-wired connection too.


checking the modem's diagnostic test found in the utility section when you log into the of the modem. I found the dns numbers and put them into my computer's network/modem settings. Went through 3 modems before my buddy figured this one out.


I have had centrylink for 6 days and it has disconnected every night.have been told to turn modem off and back on. have been told to disconnect cable into the phone jack.

Technician changed color of wires in the phone jack and said all measurements were good.

Thewires centrylink uses were made for telephones which operated under 3khz. It is cruel to expect those poor things to handle internet speeds


I started having EXACTLY the same problem with Centurylink! And I just bought a new router from them and am paying more for faster speeds!

You are correct- they say the same thing if you call and make you do all the same stupid stuff as if you were an idiot and didn't know to do it in the first place!

I think they have taken on more customers than their lines can handle because it is only a problem for me between primarily 11am until 7 or 8 in the evening. After that, I can do anything, watch Netflix....


Been having the same internet drop off problems for two weeks now. CenturyLink couldn’t fix it over the phone and they were going to charge me to come out.I disabled the WiFi on the router as someone mentioned above and my internet hasn’t dropped off yet.I will be changing ISP after my contract is over.

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