I've been with the same internet provider for about 5 years. They started as Sprint, became Sprint/Embarq, then I think another buyout, then finally Centurylink. The problem has been around since the very beginning.

My internet constantly drops out during random use. Load a page, it might disconnect. join a server when playing a game, might disconnect. Try to log into an email, paypal, forum, etc, might disconnect. It's never a gaurentee, but over the years I've been able to find things that will give me a 70-90% chance of disconnecting. Every time it happens the entire modem shuts off then restarts.

The biggest complaint is I've attempted off and on to fix this problem from day 1. It's always the same. they run me through resetting the router. They send a line tech out who says everythings fine. They offer to replace the modem (After about 10 I've started insisting thats not the problem.) Eventually I get fed up and just deal with it, but in the past month or two its gotten completely out of hand.

No one ever has anything to say besides the routine "reconnect steps. replace modem. test line. nope it all works" no. It doesn't all work. I'm a computer technician and been one since before I had this internet service. I know for a fact it has nothing to do with my router forward, its something from the modem back, but I can't ever seem to get past having a line tech check the lines and say its all good.

So fed up. Here's a glimpse of my last 5 hours of experience (I'm making a list to work with, planning to hound them until this is resolved and some compensation sure would be great at this point.):

"*NOTE* Youtube didnt usually disconnect me until June 18th

June 18th, 10:43pm - www.youtube.com - instantly disconnected after doing a search for "Left for dead trailor"

June 18th, 10:47pm - www.youtube.com - disconnected after searching "left 4 dead intro" and hit enter

June 19th, 3:03am - www.facebook.com - Disconnected doing a search in the top searchbar

June 19th, 3:44am - Unknown (Was playing a game), most likely something the living room computer was doing

June 19th, 3:49am - gmail.com - tried to view my inbox (window was already open), not sure if that's what disconnected

June 19th, 3:52am - centurylink.pissedconsumer.com - was reading about disconnect issues with centurylink (ohh the irony), clicked a link on the page, disconnected.

June 19th, 3:54am - centurylink.pissedconsumer.com - Same as above. Can't help but laugh at this now."

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checking the modem's diagnostic test found in the utility section when you log into the of the modem. I found the dns numbers and put them into my computer's network/modem settings. Went through 3 modems before my buddy figured this one out.


I have had centrylink for 6 days and it has disconnected every night.have been told to turn modem off and back on. have been told to disconnect cable into the phone jack.

Technician changed color of wires in the phone jack and said all measurements were good.

Thewires centrylink uses were made for telephones which operated under 3khz. It is cruel to expect those poor things to handle internet speeds


I started having EXACTLY the same problem with Centurylink! And I just bought a new router from them and am paying more for faster speeds!

You are correct- they say the same thing if you call and make you do all the same stupid stuff as if you were an idiot and didn't know to do it in the first place!

I think they have taken on more customers than their lines can handle because it is only a problem for me between primarily 11am until 7 or 8 in the evening. After that, I can do anything, watch Netflix....


Been having the same internet drop off problems for two weeks now. CenturyLink couldn’t fix it over the phone and they were going to charge me to come out.I disabled the WiFi on the router as someone mentioned above and my internet hasn’t dropped off yet.I will be changing ISP after my contract is over.


Having the same issue. My wifi was and still is constantly disconnecting stating 'no internet connection'.

When I got so fed up and called customer service, they didnt bother sending out a tech to my location. They told me that there's something wrong with the 'modem' and that I have to replace it. Here's the thing, I had to pay the shipping fee (which was pretty expensive, to be honest).

So the modem that they sent me (while charging full price for it by the way) have the issue, and they charged ME to have it replaced when they are the ones who sent me malfunctioning modem in the first place.

Go figure.

That still didn't fix the issue so that was cherry on top of the whole thing. In fact, it's disconnecting more frequently (ever since I replaced it btw). Just today, it dropped like 5 times in less than 2 hours and like 7 or 8 times on Sunday when I was watching youtube.

They always give the same excuse and half the time they shift the blame to me by saying:

1. my laptop might be slow (said laptop happen to be brand new and works very well when I use university wifi)


because there's way too many of us using it (uh... there's only 2 people using it most of time (3 max) so...) 3. Too many devices are connected - apart from the smartphones, no one in my family spends more than couple hour online when using laptop/computer. Most of the time we are watching either DVD (not online video, actual DVD) or working (which do not require wifi most of the time) 4.

because I'm watching video online (the video that I watched was on youtube (usually 5 to 10 min clips, not Netflix or Hulu). Like I pointed out on 3, my family doesn't spend too much time watching youtube or any other online video. And then they proceeded to tell me that it might be because I'm using basic plan (?) and upgrading will fix the issue (for what, extra $2~30 per month or something?) - I tried this too by the way and it still didn't fix it. They always tell me to reboot the modem which I already did BEFORE calling them.

I can't help but wonder 80% of the time, do they even know how to fix this issue? I'm probably gonna get different internet provider once the one year contract is over.


Same problem - repeatedly... Line tech came (again) and after a fair bit of back and forth he dropped a bombshell which will no doubt resonate with those of you having a similar issue.

"Centurylink have oversold their network capacity..." meaning that they aren't going to be able to provide the service that they have signed us up for. Essentially they are now trying to put everything back on us to distract from the real cause of the issue... their greed. I'm not sure what this means from a standpoint of contractual obligations (aka service provisions on their behalf) but I am very keen to take this further!

Paying an arm and a leg for no service... speedtest.net won't even work because the connection drops mid-test but their router says everything is fine (of course).

Where do we go to complain about their illegal operations? Or is this legal?

to Anonymous #1447327

That's exactly what I though was the problem and also would like to know what to do abut it!{{Redacted}}


wireless on off switch that you plug into so you don't have to go over and reset it


I keep having the same issue. Modem has all green lights and passes diagnostics but there is no internet connection.

Every time I talk to centurylink they make me run through a reboot or power cycle. Damnit I've done all those things. And the internet comes back when I do. But I have to do them every day and sometimes several times per day.

I'm trying to stop having to do that. They sent a line tech who said the line is fine and said to change some windows settings despite me telling him that's not the issue. Guess what? I was right and I've reset the modem every day this week.

Now the tech won't return my calls or texts when I text that the internet is down again and please log in to the modem to see if there is a smoking gun. I'm on my 3rd modem.

The modem isn't the problem. I'm so tired of this i'm almost ready to pay more for Mediacom and I hate Mediacom as a company.


Pissed my century link drops all the time. I'm so sick of these internet company and they don't care. I'm really thinking of going to another internet provider.


I have had the same problem and in addition my signal is week . Centurylink said I would have to pay to get a new one.

I am resetting 2 or 3 times daily. Finally called centurylink and asked if I could just put a new Linksys or Netgear box in. Was told yes I could just plug the line into a new unit and it would be ok.

I am on my way to buy probably the Netgear and will deal with Centurylink as little as possible. We live in an area that Centurylink is our only internet provider so we are stuck with them.


Me and my father are *** as well, but how to fix it?

South Saint Paul, Minnesota, United States #1306620

i ordered thier service. 5 days later, cancelled it.

keep disconnecting over and over again. they cannot fix the problem either.

Colorado Springs, Colorado, United States #1260902

I have the same issues over wifi. Devices can be placed literally next to the modem and the issue persists.

The issue isn't line-of-sight or interference from other devices. I have singled the issue to throttling. My wireless devices only drop when I am streaming content. The wired devices continue to remain connected to the internet.

CenturyLink is purposefully throttle wireless connections. I am beyond fed up with CenturyLink and share in your frustration.

I know there are others than have been collecting evidence of this nefarious practice and are planning to bring a lawsuit against CenturyLink. I plan to join in on that lawsuit as soon as it is filed.

to Z3R0K3W1 Humble, Texas, United States #1275939

I would love to be notified of a lawsuit! I am using so much data with cellular carrier because I can't count on Centurylink!

I literally have to unplug router EVERYDAY... This started about 2 weeks ago after there was a major Centurylink outage all over.

Of course I have ALWAYS had issues since speed is only about 4 MB.

And as other person stated, through send out a line tech and "everything is fine." No the heck it isn't!

Beyond pissed and fed up!

Fort Myers, Florida, United States #1248085

Wifi is so overrated. I hate it

Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States #1246320

This happens to be often too

Phoenix, Arizona, United States #1238033

Wow , I have been dealing with that exact same issue for a few years now. I mean almost exactly what you are saying.

Several techs have come out say all is good , replaced modem, all that *** and still to this day,actually today I have had to reset my modem/router 15 times. The thing that really sucks is were I live they are my only option for a provider.

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #1198302

Centurylink come on, I get a new router every month from you guys because you keep telling me that's the problem. It's not, every single time I hit play on anything on Netflix I immediately lose connection.

Holly Springs, North Carolina, United States #1186174

I'm in North Carolina and also with CenturyLink. This happens several times a day on a daily basis especially when gaming or watching movies.

It's extremely frustrating.

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