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we switched to Quest/verizon when at&t took over Altel in our area. We had had Quest phone service for about six years so we went with a bundle from Quest that included a landline, two cellphones and internet service.

We were not informed there would be an activation fee on the cellphones and when we were billed $60.00 activation fee we complained about it. A Quest manager called our home and promised that the avtivation fee would be credited to us by Quest if verizon wouldnt. They didnt. When I called to find out why the credit was never issued they accused me of trying to *** them. I would never recommend Quest/Centurylink anyone!

To add insult to injury the verizon phone I reveived doesnt work right and they admit there have been lots of complaints about this phone (It is an LG touchscreen phone and the screen starts to blink when I am trying to use the dialpad and the speaker is such poor quality that it is hard to understand what people are saying) but they wont give me a differant one.

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