I signed up for land line and internet service and was on the fence regarding Direct TV and/or Verizon wireless. I was told that by bundling three services I could "save" $5.00 monthly.

Well $5.00 is $5.00 but not enough of an incentive I thought to switch right then as it is such a hassle. I was told I was getting "the best deal". That $5.00 monthly credit was the only promotion I was offered. Three days later in the mail I receieved a flyer for a pre-paid $150.00 Visa card if the three services mentioned above were bundled together.

I called Century Link on this and told I should have bundled and I'm not eligible. Then on top of that, they said I was offered that promtion but declined and didn't want Direct TV. What fabricators! Again, all I was offfered was a monthly $5.00 bill credit.

I specifically asked if the $5.00 bill credit was the best promotion offered and told yes. I filed a complaint with the BBB and Century Link stated they told me about the Visa card when I purchased their services. That is simply not true and how a company that prides itself on being a good corporate citizen in communities it operates in can fabricate the truth, is beyond me. When the landline service was connected on 3/3/12 along with the internet, I received no hard copy of how to use the phone and internet services.

After requesting it four times, a Century Link store manager emailed PDF files. What kind of nonsense is this? The installer didn't know how any of the services worked (land line) and I told him as I'm disabled I need voice mail. He called someone and we figured that out.

Call forwarding and the rest? Don't have a clue. Had an internet issue and had to call a friend for Century Link's technical support phone number. What kind of company operates this way in a global economy without a sense of urgency and a lack of plain old follow-through and a lack of respect for it's customers?

This is not a consumer-friendly company and far from being a good corporate citizen. I didn't switch to Century Link for a month of aggravation and wasted time on the phone. I switched because when I inquired about it I was led to believe that I was getting the best promotion offered and believe I was intentionally misled about the bundling offer. I still don't have any "How to" booklets on how to use their services.

If the BBB cannot resolve this betwen Century Link and myself there's got to be a next step and I'll find one. Finally, I never ever thought about researching Century Link as everyone was so "nice" and "trusting". Never, ever again will I make that mistake. With customer service like this, no wonder so many people are so cynical these days.

You cannot trust anything you're told by a company like Century Link.

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