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Well I was previously a customer of QWEST in 2010, I stop having services with them in March 2010. Now, that the company has changed their name to Century Link.

I am wondering do I still legally own them. A total of 386.00, which I find that this highly wrong. Because It's Qwest that I own money to, and not Century link. When company is renamed, all debts should be wiped from the system.

But what is the Law for this I wonder. I think, I'll find out from my D.A.

friend that lives in Maryland. I'm so annoyed.

Monetary Loss: $386.

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CenturyLink acquired Qwest and it's assets. Any customer debts under Qwest are now owed to CenturyLink just as many Qwest customers were forced to become CenturyLink customers as a result of the acquisition.

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