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My Internet speed dropped to an average of 50bits /sec about a week ago. I have been on the phone with them every day since.

They are telling me the router is trading at 11Mbits per second at the router. So I am assuming they arent lying and the cables up to the router are good. I verified the 50bits/second speed on 3 different machines plugged directly into the Modem. In addition, i have used three different LAN cables, and even had another modem that they issued me.

All with the same exact experience. These people dont care to fix my problem. My final call was to try to disconnect my service , and reconnect it with a new account, because i suspect that there is a record somewhere in a database that was orphaned. I couldnt even get through this with them.

Even though i was authorized on the account, i got some snouty-i-know-how-to-deal-with-this-type-of-customer-CSR telling me i was not authorized to deactivate the account.

In closing , do you know what it is like try to explain to one of these people that i CAN connect to google, but it will take me 1.5 days to download the google homepage. google home page ~=800K. 800kilobytes to bits = 6 553 600 bits @ 50bits per second = 131,072 seconds or 36 hours.

Thats right 36 hours to get to google.

thats almost how long it took to read this.

Centurylink is the worst Customer Service i have ever encountered.

Product or Service Mentioned: Centurylink Internet Service.

Monetary Loss: $450.

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They're all a fraud, only want our money. Then if you have a contract and bail out...mysteriously you're the bad couldn't possibly be that the company is the fraud. Oh I just love how America works...letting these businesses do whatever they feel like at the cost of the American working class.


i like their service


Stop torrenting, usually when your bandwidth is cut so badly it is because youre uploading too many packets stop the *** ull be fine.


I sent e-mails to That is a major joke...

I never heard a word back from them and when I tried talking to customer service about the problem I am having with them, I was hung up on, yelled at and eventually just told not to call about the problem again, they couldn't help me...

Great customer service - yeah right.... :sigh


Boy am glad I looked into Centurylink reviews before I signed up. THanks guys, you saved me mass hassles!


Hello Chaos, this is B with the CenturyLink Help Team. I'm sorry to read that you had troubles with your DSL service. I wanted to reach out to you and see if I can help out at this point. If I can be of assistance, e-mail me at



CenturyLink Help Team

to @CenturyLinkHelp Phoenix, Arizona, United States #1212442

I don't know who chaos is, but you can certainly help me. I've called about slow internet since I got the service.

About six weeks. Last call was on a weekend and got a lady I couldn't understand very well. But she said she wrote notes about my problem and would turn in for next business day. I have yet to hear from anyone concerning that work order and it's been three days.

If you haven't made the contract with centurylink, DON'T1 I'm being charged for 40mg and only showing 13mg.

Can't even watch Demand shows on Directtv they sold me. I'm just short of calling ftc, bbb, attorney general.They are clearly a bait & switch company.

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