Just purchased the "Selective Call Rejection" feature.The on-line instructions are incomplete.

After much fiddling with the number entry, the two numbers I want to block, the service gives a message that "the numbers cannot be blocked" or words to that effect. There is no list or indication that there are any limitation with the service. These numbers (702-682-6479 & 702-425-2085) call several times a day, Most often have no one on the line, or sometimes leave some political diatribe. These numbers appear to be some Political entity and while they have the right to spout their point of view, We seem to be forced to listen to their ***.

We are constantly assailed (sometimes by Centurylink themselves) by these robo call systems.

We should have the right to block any number we deem offensive or simply undesirable.You want our service Centurylink, well provide a service worth paying for.

Monetary Loss: $204.

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I think all telemarketer calls should be illegal period !It is an infringement of privacy.

I pay for service for ME to use ,and is not for whom ever chooses to.I was hoping there was an answering machine available that could just block an unwanted call.

Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States #692208

Beware of HOTWIRE travel service.They refused to refund a flight cancelation within 48 hours, said they will credit my purchase for one year for other travel.

When I tried to book, the said there will be $207.

penalty subtracted from the purchase price.

If this is not a robery, what is.They make it a "Legal" robery by

allowing their practices in the "Procedures" or "Terms" they insert in small letters of your purchase agreement.

Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States #692200

What a bad service! Century link ask you your whole history before they answer your questions, It is for your privacy protection they say.

Revealing information about yoursef is for Century link a protection of your privacy. Some managers there think they are more intelligent

than their clients.


Since I am a former employee, I'd be glad to give you the Help Desk manager's name/phone number for you to complain more - - reply in the comment section : fightfourjustice (Pissed consumer).

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