I don't normally do this having worked in customer service and taking escalated calls, but I do not recommend using CenturyLink's services.

I enjoyed their internet, never had a problem. I paid my bill on time every month, never bothered them with anything. I even told people to use them over other companies.

Ten months into my contract (12 month contract) I was forced to move from my apartment. I called and attempted to move my service to my new address. After two calls where a CSR wasn't able to verify my address, I finally was told on my third call that CenturyLink doesn't offer service to my new building. The rep failed to mention the imminent cancellation fee, and instead attempted to sell me DirecTV.

So, I received my final bill and lo and behold there was a $60 cancellation fee. So I called.

In my initial call I was told their system was down and they couldn't help me. Again, having worked in customer service this does happen, but this is a what, possible billion dollar company? What irked me there is they didn't even offer a timetable to call back, even when I asked. They just said, "Later".

My second attempt to call, the finance department was closed; frustrating but on me.

So I sent them an email and received a reply... to call them.

Today I called them. After being transfered to an Escalation Specialist I explained the situation. I had to move, did my due diligence to transfer my services but was unable to due to the fact they didn't cover my building, and that I wanted the $60 dollar cancellation fee waived. It isn't my fault I moved somewhere they didn't cover.

The Specialist listened carefully, did not cut me off (good training), then proceeded to tell me I should be happy the cancellation fee was so little. Generally they are $200. I should be thankful I got to take advantage of the discounted rate I received. He said it wasn't their fault I moved (to which I replied it wasn't my fault they don't cover my building) and there was nothing he could do.

I reiterated my point, said that my internet company shouldn't tie me down to an apartment or dictate where I should move. I mean, why would I pay for something I couldn't even use?

He repeated his point, saying it was a contract, be happy I had the discounted service, look at it as a bonus, but pay the cancellation fee.

After some mildly heated exchanges about business ethics, being human, and capitalism, i asked to be transfered to his boss. He explained his boss was the call center director and doesn't take calls. I acknowledged this and asked to be transfered elsewhere. He refused.

After expressing my immense dissatisfaction with this treatment, especially since I had been a great customer and had taken the steps to continue my service, I may have told him their business was *** and hung up. So I lost my cool.

This is wrong. It is simple humanism (new word) and understanding. Apparently if something is on sale in this country it's not really on sale. It is something you should be lucky to have, because there is NO way the normal price isn't bloated or anything right?

Companies have policies, I get that, but I feel completely bulldozed here. I liked this company and their service. I felt I was loyal to them, even if our relationship was relatively short lived, but that means nothing in this world.

Wow you made it to the end of my tirade! Good on you!

In closing, *** CenturyLink. *** them in their *** money grubbing noses. I will not use their services again, and I don't recommend you do either, unless you know for sure circumstances won't force you to move. If that happens, be sure only to move to a CenturyLink sanctioned place (ok, truly a non Comcast monopolized place, they're in the mix here too i guess). I am not paying the cancellation fee. *** credit scores too.

American business is horrible. Where the *** did the human element go?

Monetary Loss: $60.

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I too have never experienced a worse company than Centurylink and I am 64 years old.I have had their service for 18 years because no other internet service providers were available to me in the area I live.

The most they could offer me was a 3 mega *** speed which is terrible and their customer service is so terrible that it brings me to tears. They but you on " hold " and the hold just disconnects over and over again.

Recently I attempted to increase my speed by having another internet line put in so that I would have 2 lines delivering 3 mb of speed. When it came down to the installation it turn out that I could only get 1.5 mb which is worthless.

I now have an opportunity to have a local internet service and will be terminating Century link.

Even to terminate is taking hours. When I initially attempted to terminate Erin the customer service supervisor told me I would be charged 2 early termination of $300.00 and hung up on me.

When I called back to tell them I had the code for the cancellation of the aborted second line they are telling me I will be getting an early termination fee of $200.00 on only my main line.As per usual I am on hold attempting to get one story and hoping after 18 years I don't get an early termination fee.


I will never be a customer for century link never again. i was a customer for two years very good customer and when I move to place wthere they don't have a service they just charge me 200 termination fee . it is not my fault if they don't have a service to where I am moving!

Eutawville, South Carolina, United States #1352062

Good read, you did super.Exact same thing happened to me with Verizon Jet Pack years ago and it is still the only bad thing still on my credit rating.

Sounds like we had the same rep except I got stiffed with $167.00.

As I tills the rep.I didn't cancel them, they cancelled me.


They got me as well.They were not able to fix my internet so it would be useable and they told me it didn't matter that I could not get the 40mbps and that all they could give me was the 20mbps.

They were the same price and therefore I was stuck to the contract.

This company is truly a nightmare and be warned!STAY AWAY FROM CENTURYLINK!

Lady Lake, Florida, United States #1318289

Yup, they got me as well.I am a home and business customer with century link.

My business account is well over $200.00 per month and has been nothing but a nightmare. for months I paid for the highest speed but got the lowest, and after dozens of unsuccessful tech visits, the tech advised me to drop my speed down to what I am getting anyway. I did and asked century link to give me a discount for the speed I was paying for but not getting. They refused.

Then later I no longer needed my home internet account and they refused to waive the cancellation fee even though I am a paying customer with my business account.Worst Company Ever!


Couldn't agree with you more.Their customer service is severely lacking and they could care less.

Every department is inconsiderate and rude even when you are told you will get certain things.

Worst customer service ever ever ever!!Do not sign up with them you'll regret it that's a guarantee!!

Atlanta, Georgia, United States #1314740

I have an even better story.

I rented a modem from Centurylink for four years.

When I bought my own and called them to return it, they said the model was no longer supported and to keep it! They couldn't refund past charges though.

So they had been charging me for over 2 years for "support" for a modem that was no longer on their supported list! They were just too cheap to send me a newer one that they offered services for.

Why not charge your legacy customers for something you won't even offer them anymore.

About to cancel my policy because we moved and guess what, big whopping cancellation fee coming my way.


I just called to cancel for the same reason.Moving to an apartment where no service available.

Im told I agreed (a verbal contract) to a 2 year agreement and my ETF is $140 because I have 8 months remaining of a 2-year contract.

Of course, I told them I knew that I was only going to live here for a year and was never told of an ETF.And of course, you know that went nowhere.


Thank you for and eloquent dissemination of what is becoming the typical CenturyLink debacle.Whats sadder is that, this is what becomes of commerce when we allow deregulation of the marketplace.

Corporations are not held accountable.

Next time you wish to deal with these substandard service providers, look up the corresponding UCC "UNIFORM COMMERCIAL CODES" and find what the company is in violation of.It will heel them in nicely

Mobile, Alabama, United States #1261478

Same exact scenario happened to me.This time I was overcharged, $319.75 to be exact!

After countless calls and being transferred constantly to different departments that "has not seen this before," I was bent over the barrel. There was not one point where a representative was cordial or respectful.

After inquiring what my issue was, a billing representative (AB38887) continuously interrupted and would not allow me to finish.

I don't recommend this service at all.

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