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for several months I have been requesting and receiving resets back to our subscribed speed of 3.0 and I'm always told that if the problem persists we'll have to dispatch a tech, I did just that when the modem wouldn't stay trained. As I always do, I test cables,and plug in direcly to the box outside for a few days before complaining.

As I always do, I enter the admin area of the modem and send the noise and attenuation stats along with the current speed and number of disconnects.

I hate using email support because it is worthless for everything except for a ticket number, but I did so because the connection was not staying good long enough to chat- which is where I get my best results . As usual, they sent me the *** scripted mail anyhow -though I asked them not to, ignoring the data I sent and the steps I'd taken.

I also contacted via chat and sent:

re: ticket# ------------ Hello,

we've had a slow connection and retrains for the last month.After several appreciated resets from your end, once again we are stuck at 2.560/0.480 SNR 24.4 dB/25.0 dB Attenuation 48.5 dB/29.0 dB Power 19.3 dBm/12.6 dBm

first:The phone line is in the correct port. The cords and cables are good. I tested the connection with the test port outside and only one device connected to it and the problem persisted. It is not our wiring. There is no phone service here, therefore no other devices are plugged into the phone line so no filters are needed. I tested with our old modem and the retrains continued for a bit but stopped yesterday evening. I hard reset the newer modem and it is currently in use and functioning. It has locked up before overnight, but the problems began before that happened.

As you normally suggest when I request a reset- if the problem persists we'll need to schedule the tech. if we can do that today it would be appreciated.

Alan scheduled the tech using my current phone number as the contact number.

The next day i see the tech (Gregg -only one here) drive past my road (again), so I went to the "where's my tech" lilnk at the bottom of the centurylink page. I saw the end time keep changing and I noticed that they had the wrong contact number listed, so I contacted support again to see if I could correct them. It was too late - bar time? So I asked the tech to please reschedule and again gave the correct number. The tech was rescheduled and I asked for a reset which gave us our paid-for 3.0 for a few hours.

The next day the connection is back down below 1.5. I go back to the "where's my tech" page and see the same wrong number listed and the time once again being pushed back over and over with the dreaded msg that "something" maybe lack of communication in the company is preventing them being dispatched and again they blow me off- they think i can sit here all day and wait without even the courtesy of a cancellation. Now another weekend approaches and still no contact from the tech.

I got another email from the original ticket - after I "yelled" at them for not reading my complaint and the *** sends me another scripted letter with instruction on how to get to the admin area that I have been sending stats from for ten years and also telling me that my speed is acceptable for the 1.5 we are subscribed for (*** - we are supposed to get 3) He tells me they will not dispatch a tech. and tries blaming malware (all linux computers here) or lines again even though we said tested through the outside port with nothing connected . i replied that centurylink is the only malware here, sent a copy again of my original complaint and pointed out that we are subscribed for 3.0 not 1.5 and that they should come get their junk off of our house. i kept my temper for a very long time and tried to joke, but this is not funny. This is truly unbelievable. It gets worse. Someone reset our service to 1.5 on the day that I complained. They refuse to believe that we were receiving 3.0 service that they forced us to get a new modem to upgrade to. We never changed our service. They did because I complained. They are currently giving us only 1/2 of the speed wthat we have paid for and refuse to listen to any complaints - they sent a request on my behalf to the sales department so that we could upgrade again. There is no way out of this situation and we have been ripped off and lied to repeatedly. We have also contacted the FCC. Each time i reset and complain i take a screenshot of the modem stats (attached image) When my ordeal began, 10/28/2013.

Review about: Centurylink Internet Service.

Monetary Loss: $200.

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My deep sympathies.

Call Iowa Public Utilities Board and file your complaint.

PUB Telephone: 877.565.4450

A written complaint is recommended

Every state has their own PUB or PUC

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