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I signed up for internet service with CenturyLink and they offered $100 reward / rebate Visa card. Now they appear to be refusing to honor this reward.

They sent me a post card and told me to register to get my reward. I have tried more than 5 times to redeem the reward on their web site. I have called the phone number three times and the so-called help desk refuses to accept my registration information.

Each time I have called, they say to try again in 24 hours and after 5 times I am a bit frustrated with their incompetence. It is centurylink.com/getmyreward and smells like a big scam.

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss poor customer service of centurylink internet service and associated monetary loss in the amount of $100. Centurylink needs to have the product delivered according to poster's claims.

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Well whenever I have called bc new service they started about mine,they couldnt find me in system so I said good better not find me system send me big *** bill bc I want pay it


it is sucks mine was $150. they never gave me the reward card and they deleted the web page about my reward card.


As I'm reading this post, there is a Centurylink ad on the page. Hilarious! I signed up with a $100 visa card, but the online redemption page won't even accept my entry.


i too was offered 400.00 $ they also said i would receive an addtional 200.00 from direct tv they went ahead and cancled my other tv &internet & phone i was gonna do when everything was done being hooked up . they hooked me up with phone & internet & and the tv couldnt be hooked up.

because of my neighbors tree. now they are sending me a bill for more than double the agreement price. i know this conversation was recorded .the phone was only on for a few hours not the internet or tv. my contract with them was breached by them.

i had to redo my contract with with the other place it cost me.they told me the guy that offered me $ 400.00 was a lier. at 1st they didnt belive me. so its been a monththey put me through *** .

they cost me $ and hours on the phone trying to rectify this situation and i can forget about the $200 or $400 ? i wouldnt worry about it just shut it all off but im homebound i just wanted to save $50 a month.


Yes & we were promised 50.00 but now being told it's only 25.00 & still haven't received that. Yes big scam! Don't fall prey to their scam!


Yeah same here. I have been trying for over 7 months to get my reward card (for a service that was installed in late 2016).

The last call (April 9th, 2017) they said based on their promotion history I WAS NOT eligible for the reward card. After arguing they said they would have their research department look up the recording of the call or chat log. It would take 10 days. I spent 5 minutes and found my copy of the chat log.

I called April 11, 2017 and said I would send them my copy where it clearly states that I would get the reward. I told them I felt their reward program was a scam and unethical. I was told there was no way for me to send the log and I would still have to wait for the research department to contact me. I told them if I didn't receive a call by early next week I would be filing complaints with the BBB, FTC, and FCC.

I live in such a rural area I have no options for phone nor internet. I'm stuck with an inferior service and they know it.


I am having the same problem. CenturyLink sent me a rewards card.

But won't let me submit it.

I call the number and only get animated options. I call Centerylink service and they send me back to rewards.


This has also happen to me and my son .


The same thing happened to me.

Phoenix, Arizona, United States #1320407

The same thing has happened to me. Its been more than a year and still no reward.

Dallas, Texas, United States #1044374

Centurylink offered $19.95 internet when bundle with unlimited phone. Instead they charge me $46 for internet and bill me additional for long distance usage on my "unlimited" long distance plan and bill me for voicemail (Svc surcharge) that I cannot access. Their 40 meg internet runs at about 5 meg.

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