Centurylink Prism Tv Service Reviews

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Advertised vs Delivered
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Of course they tried to retain me, but I had been fed up with CenturyLink for quite a while and their dishonest underhanded practices. When they saw I was serious about terming services, things got very ugly. I was kept hostage on the phone until I agreed to a termination fee. I kept saying no and the young lady kept putting me on hold. I asked to speak to a supervisor, was put on hold for 10 more min.She came back With no supervisor, but...
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Century Link billed me over five months for Prism TV. It started out over $100.00 and every month increased until the last bill was close to $500.00. Problem? I never had PrismTV installed. I called over, and over, and over into the lower tier of customer service reps. Got no where. No one could figure out the billing errors. Finally, five months down the road I found out about Century Links Escalation Dept. I called them - and 2 phone calls...
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The TV service, Prism, did seem better, when it worked, but it shut down several times and it you have to call in to get it fixed. At the hookup they did something that killed my main phone line to the kitchen, so I had to do all phoning from my bedroom. First bill was wrong (way more than the $140 I was told by cute sales girls when I changed from Comcast). I had to call each month to rectify each bill. All bills were wrong, and none were...
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I liked
  • Customer service reps
I didn't like
  • False representation
  • Original quote taken away
  • Extreme poor customer service