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After 10 years we decided to cancel our service with CenturyLink (formerly Qwest), and they have made it an absolute hassle! After having to make repeated phone calls to them for ridiculous things (needing to call several times just to get all my services cancelled because they play dumb and act like I didn't make it clear I wanted all services cancelled, inquiring about bills they continue to send me after telling me I was completely paid up, etc.), they are now billing me over $100 for a modem I already sent back to them!

To add insult to injury, I used THEIR mailing label they sent me to return the modem, and I have a UPS confirmation showing the modem was returned to them. I cannot believe the absolute ineptitude of this company, and the problems I have encountered trying to cancel my service, which obviously was the best decision I made.

Their responses to these complaints are laughable ("We would be happy to help you resolve this issue if you would contact us at XXXXX") How about actually helping people the first time and not being complete morons about the whole process.

If they continue to harass me I will not only file complaints with the state attorney general's office but also every complaint website I can find and every consumer protection agency I know of. I am sick and tired of this whole process and I think cancelling my service with them was obviously the best decision I could have made.

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I have the same problem with you, the worst experience with centurylink.I called them (several times) to cancel my account on 2016 Jan because I moved to another address, they said OK and it will be cancelled on the next Monday.

But the people who lived in that address after I left told me that he still got the bills from centurylink. I tried to contact them for several times but the phone service always busy and the email and online chat service cannot solve the account cancellation problem.

And now the debt collector call me several time a week.I will never use centurylink again, and I will never pay this bill.


My centurylink account has unknown errors, and can only be cancelled via a manual override.One which has no confirmation number and no other trail.

So when the manual override fails and CL continues to bill me for service I am trying to cancel, I call in again.

I escalate.

...I am told all they can do is a manual overide...


Same here thier now saying i owe them over 300.00 they mumble.act like they dont hear you and try to keep sending your call to someone else over and over.

I have cancelled this service 3 times.but of course there is no record of that Right.

Kansas City, Missouri, United States #1319366

Same here they act *** or mumble one gi rl told me instead of having to pay $135 i now have to pay $197.

Because she was not going to sweep it under the rug,?????

Her exact words.

Who are these people???.

I paid my internet coupled with Directv,every month for 3 yrs.

Internet was $ 40 a month. Scandalous.

Fort Myers, Florida, United States #1292922

Same issues here.Mumble-mouthed operators.

Not really understanding what they say or meant.Like they do it on purpose to make you give up and take it in the **s.

Maple Plain, Minnesota, United States #1278511

same problem now. I really wish there are more options for internet service so that they can be beaten by their competitors...

Bluffton, Indiana, United States #1241070

Same exact issue 5 years later. I've spent 4 hours and 8 months trying to resolve this. Reported to BBB and telling f anyone who will listen to never ever use their services.

to Anonymous #1367877

With over 800,000 negative reviews, I am thinking they do not give a ***! A Class Action Lawsuit would put these idiots out of business....

Salt Lake City, Utah, United States #1194993

I've had the same problem.They won't cancel our service.

They won't accept a cancellation by email and they won't answer the phone. The respond to me emails with a form letter that says to call the same phone number I've been calling that they never answer. Why won't they call me? I won't leave them on hold four hours.

They are like a fired employee who says he cannot be fired until the boss follows the employee's policy for firing.Then he keeps coming back to work and expects to be paid.

Salt Lake City, Utah, United States #1194921

When I try to cancel by email they won't accept my cancellation.They tell me to call a phone number that has been busy for 3.5 months.

And now they won't even disconnect for failing to pay. The bill is nearly $400 and they still won't cancel it. CenturyLink is like a fired employee they won't stop showing up for work and demands to be paid because you didn't follow his personal firing policy.

Unbelievable.There is no way I will give them anymore money for doing nothing but enraging me.

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