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I've had quite the week with CenturyLink. I first called on Tuesday, 02/18 asking to have my service transferred to my new address.

I had a balance due and couldn't pay it until Thursday. The lady said that was fine, call back on Thursday, and the technician would be able to come out on Friday, 02/21. I called on Thursday and the man I spoke with said that Friday was not possible. There's lie #1 from the girl on Tuesday.

He then proceeded to tell me that he would schedule the transfer for Monday by 5:00 p.m. I later got a confirmation email saying that it was scheduled for Tuesday, not Monday. Lie #2. I got service credits for those days already from representatives.

Then, on Tuesday, my technician never showed up. I was told this was because the clubhouse was closed when he arrived. He was supposed to be here by 5:00 p.m. The clubhouse closes at 6:00 p.m.

It's not my fault he was late. I got service credit for that day as well. The technician finally came on Wednesday and hooked up my service, however it wasn't working. At this point, I was already really angry that I had MULTIPLE representatives lie to me and technicians not doing their jobs.

The lady I spoke with in Technical Support said I would need to have a technician come out Thursday, 02/27, but I may be charged $85. I'm sorry, but that's ridiculous. I've already dealt with enough this week with CenturyLink. I didn't appreciate being told that.

She said my appointment would be for 'tomorrow' between 9am and 1:15pm. It didn't strike me until the next day what that meant, as I had called after midnight. Therefore, I called CenturyLink again on Thursday 02/27 to see if my appt was for that day or the next. The agent had the nerve to tell me she wasn't allowed to check for me because I wasn't authorized on the account.

I proceeded to tell her I have been talking with CenturyLink every day for over a week now and every single agent has talked to me. I've even talked through the Twitter support and through this website to get some service credits without a problem. At this point, I'm absolutely livid. All I wanted to know was when my appointment was that I scheduled.

I then asked if I could speak to a supervisor. She said yes and to hold on. She lied. I was not given to a supervisor.

I was given to a very rude man in escalations. He also told me I wasn't authorized. I asked again to be given to a supervisor. He refused to let me speak with anyone.

He said my brother, Kristopher, would need to call in to get me authorized. I called my brother up and he called into CenturyLink to get me authorized on the account. CenturyLink told him they couldn't add me because the account is in a transferring mode so no changes could be made to the account. They said they would put in a note, however, saying he authorized me to speak with Centurylink.

I called Centurylink back and the lady said there was no note there and she couldn't help me. At this point I was in absolute tears. How am I supposed to do anything with my account that I have 100% access to and know every detail of? It should have been in the previous notes that they were speaking with Danielle so those representatives could have seen that.

Every payment Centurylink has received has been from Danielle. It's ridiculous. The technician did show up on Thursday and said it was not working because the previous technician, from the day before, had hooked up the wrong apartment. Brilliant.

The first thing I want is a service credit for that day. It wasn't broken, the technician just didn't do his job correctly. She left and I noticed throughout the day that my internet is way slower than it was at my old apartment. I'm not sure if CenturyLink switched my plan, but at my old apartment I was on the 3mbps and if they switched it, they never let me know that.

I'd actually prefer something faster if it were possible. I'm currently only getting 0.18mbps down and 0.30 up. That's REALLY slow for the prices I'm paying. Now, I had a Chat Agent tell me they're sending ANOTHER technician out here Saturday between 1-5 and I once again may be charged $85.

Honestly, at this point I am so beyond stressed and I've seriously cried over this. I had homework assignments due and could not do them because of these issues. I have an immune disorder that doesn't allow me to leave much so I very much relied on a fast and smooth transition.

I feel charging me $85 is ridiculous and I feel a promotion should be offered to me at this point with everything I've dealt with, along with a one day service credit because my internet didn't work because the technician hooked up the wrong apartment. I've never been treated so terribly by a company in my life.

Product or Service Mentioned: Centurylink Service Transfer.

Monetary Loss: $185.

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I have had Century Link for many years, back when it was Qwest, and however many other name changes it has had and when I need a transfer from one location to another, they never have to send a technician out, all they do is push some switches. That being said, it is amazing how long it takes them to push those switches.


Call the regular Customer Service # and tell them you want to be transferred to someone in Retentions. It is the Retention CSR's job to hold onto every customer threatening to leave CenturyLink and they have the ability to not only give you credits, but also special deals and promotions. FYI: You will have to be firm about being transferred because the regular CSR will try to detain you by upselling you on products.

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