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*** Centurylink. They have a monopoly on internet on my street; we have called *everyone* that offers internet of any kind, including satellite, which is ludicrously expensive. We have literally no other option except Centurylink... Oh, and the only speed they offer on our street of about 15 residents is the absolute slowest option offered: something like 10MB down and 3 MB up. So no Twitch streaming for us.

The first 4 months, they tried to add anywhere between $50-$100 of extra *** onto the bill. We had to call EVERY. SINGLE. MONTH. to demand that they take that *** off, and tell them that we will utterly refuse to pay for anything but the agreed-upon bill of $45/month for our *** 10MB DL internet. Each call took about an hour, because we had to play the game of "Demand to speak to this person's manager, and be refused by this person, saying it's not possible (only to be transferred around, put on hold for ages, and then finally transferred to a higher authority)".

Oh, and then the actual paying of the bills. That's a fun one. They have 2 options: Pay online with a credit card and be charged some $2-$3 (I don't remember exactly, as it's my husband who has the patience to deal with this company/bill) for no *** reason, OR you can give Centurylink your BANK ACCOUNT INFORMATION, and have them AUTOMATICALLY charge your bill. That seems like a *** swell idea, when this company is notorious for doubling or tripling your monthly bill for no apparent reason, hoping they can get away with it. We obviously elect to pay online and fork over the unnecessary $2-$3 every month.

Not to mention the fact that the actual quality of the internet service is utter garbage. If we are lucky, we will have a full day of connectivity with no drops or disconnects. Today is not that day. In fact, for the past 2 weeks, we have been dealing with scattered disconnects (which is truly *** obnoxious because we are both avid gamers, and we play online games in our free time). In the past two hours, this constant disconnect/reconnect *** has been near CONSTANT. I *cannot* finish a game of Hearthstone without being disconnected multiple times. Yeah, I tried turning the router/modem (sorry, I'm not great with computers and I use the term interchangeably because I don't know the difference) off and on the proper way; it didn't change a thing. And of course, the internet "looks good" and is "running fine" according to all their tests online and through their call techs. If it's fine, why am I bothering to call them?

We have been hounding Spectrum to expand onto our street. And by "hounding", I mean "begging". Spectrum services the neighborhoods and streets *on either side of us*, but not us. I don't care if I have to pay more for the exact same internet speed (which wouldn't be the case anyway, since they'd be putting in entirely new infrastructure) to Spectrum. I am so incredibly *** fed up with Centurylink as a company and as a service, that I would be absolutely overjoyed if Spectrum came out here, and I would switch *immediately*.

Tl; dr: If you have an option to take anything other than Centurylink: TAKE IT. Avoid Centurylink AT ALL COSTS. Literally. If Centurylink is your only option, like in our case, ALWAYS thoroughly read through your bill, every single month. They WILL try to double, even triple, your normal bill if you aren't paying attention, as they are the absolute scummiest company I have ever had the misfortune of having to deal with.

*** Centurylink.

Product or Service Mentioned: Centurylink Internet Service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: The only solution is for another internet service provider to offer internet on this street; Spectrum, preferably, but anyone including Comcast will do. Even Comcast is astronomically better than Centurylink..

I didn't like: Only being offered the slowest internet speed, Being told a tech would come out and the tech never showing, Being lied to about not being allowed to speak with a manager, Unreliable internet that disconnects regularly, Bs extra charges every bill hoping we would not notice.

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Oh just kidding, our upload speed is *0.56 MBPS*. I'm not *** kidding.

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