Centurylink Internet Installation Reviews

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Wow...the technician actually showed up to your location?!I made 2 appts and took 2 days vacation and still no technician. Made another appointment for a Wednesday supposedly before 12:00. Didn't show up. Spend 1/2 the day on the phone with customer service being passed around and being told they would have him call me....still no call. TERRIBLE COMPANY!!!! You call them and all you get is the I'm sorry and he'll call you. This company is...
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I didn't like
  • Terrible customer service and technicians
I live in Columbia,no. Centurylink has the worst customer service ever! EVER!!!!! I have scheduled internet service installation three times. Three times they never showed within their 4 hour time frame. When I called customer service they had excuse after excuse why they can't get their act together. I am in the unfortunate position that they are the only provider allowed to service my apartment complex. If I had other options I would never...
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Hello! I moved in to my house on 29 June 2015 in bunny trail estate and Centurylink still has not come to install my internet connect. They came and dug the wire but have not installed anything in my home that will allow me to get internet service. This is a shame, I have called them a few times to get a projected date of when they will be out and they keep giving me a date and then the day of they will cancel or not call me. They have the worst...
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We ordered internet last Tuesday August 11 and they said our modem would arruve by that Friday and our service would be on Friday by 5:00pm. Well 5 came and went so I called and was ultimately told across three call differing times, all of which passed without our service being activated. My last call Friday I had escalated to a supervisor who assured me the service would be on Monday as a tech missed the ticket to turn our service on. So when I...
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