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Do not ever go with Centurylink for internet. They have lied to me over and over. They told me my bill would be $34.95 a month,now it's $53.79. They said 8 meg internet would do anything I needed, it don't keep up with Yahoo home page. I bought my modem at $99.00,now they tell me if I want faster internet I have to buy a new modem, another $99.00 I regret the day I got this terrible company to handle my internet. They told me that I needed a...
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I paid to have more then just 330kb for my router from centurylink, I called and kindly asked them to scan my router see if my connection was stable they said it was ok. No it was not OK im and severely upset by the fact the customer service is very rude and disrespectful,let alone that they are no help at all. I will be cancelling my service with you and moving onto a better router company with more respect .
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I applied for internet basics, and got a call saying i was approved. My speed is not quite 1.5 mbps and i just got my first bill of 72.88$!!! What is going on with this company. I had to jump through hoops, fill out an application, get all this information proving im on a government program, and i get this bill thats way out of my budget. AT&T is so much better, its a flat rate of 10$, and you can pay it online easily. They had my service up and...
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Anonymous They did the same with me with internet basics. They are a scam. You will not be able to straighten out your billing issues. Keep your bills and. Copy of contract and cancel a...

Centurylink's internet basics is for low income people. The cost is supposed to be $9.95 a month. Their contract does not disclose the hidden fees which raises the monthly cost to over $30. Hidden add on fees that look like they were made up out of thin air. Their representatives can not explain many of those hidden fees. But what's even worse is how our Government is allowing them get away with it. The only other option for Internet where I am...
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