Centurylink fraud!

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Just sniffing around the internet (when it works) and i find that it appears that I am in a long line of unhappy centurylink customers.I am paying for their so called 8mbps speed and currently running at 0.63mbps!!!

Nice. I am so sick of calling and getting the same incompetent idiots on the phone that say there is no problem, then there is a problem. I basically get a different story every time I call. My neighbor can call right after me and get a completely different story.

This company is simply put a bunch of liars,cheats, and crooks!!! My only question is when is their tax payer backed bailout coming? This way they can be on the exact same level as the rest of the corporations that run themselves into the ground, but are allowed to continue. Is centurylink "to big to fail?" I for one hope not.

Believe me I would not be on this rant if I had any other options for high speed internet.I like many thousands of others are held hostage to this company.

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2055 of 2097 Centurylink reviews

May 29, 2016 #1166230

6 years later and the beat goes on. Don't you just love monopolistic capitalism.

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Nov 10, 2013 #740435

lol this is what happens when you get service from small crappy unpopular unused ISPs the service is trash and unreliable

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Sep 17, 2012 #543338

This company's method of doing business is not only frustrating, it's repulsive.

Step 1: Set up service with century link

Step 2: Encounter an outage

Step 3: Find CenturyLink is unaware and unwilling to accept responsibility.

Step 4: Find CenturyLink is happy to speak to you for hours buffering you from ever getting anywhere

Step 5: "Retention" or the department you'll be directed to in order to cancel service is unreachable and no one else is authorized to cancel your service.

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Sep 01, 2012 #537004

Wow, it looks like I'm not the only one who's fallen victim to this fraud of a company. I was lied to by customer service the very first day I signed up.

I was quoted a price of $65 for phone and internet service which INCLUDED all taxes and fees. And since start up fees were going to be costly, they were going to give me a $50 credit on my first bill to offset the cost. Well, not only did I not get that credit, the amount increased from $65 to almost $80. Since they were the only providers in the area, I figured I would just bend over and take it.

Fast forward 2 years. We recently moved and of course, only yours truly provide services out here so we called to have our services transferred to the new place. Never were we told this would cost anything. We also asked if there was a faster speed available and it turned out that there was. 10 mbps over the 1.5 mbps we had previously. And only $10 more a month. Great. "We'll see if it stays that way on the bill", I said.

No such luck. Not only was I charged a transfer fee, my bill went from $80 to $130. So that "$10" increase turned into $50. So I'm done with this company. I will look into a cheaper phone service and will go the dial up route for internet if I have to. I am filing a complain with the state attorney's office. Hopefully something can be done about this pitiful excuse of a company.

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Aug 27, 2012 #534252

Yes we have had the same issues for over 3yrs, even if we up our speed it drops to 1.0 75% of the time, they are our only option where we live in Grand Marais MN, please tell the world about these scam artists, they are ruining our entire country by ripping millions of people off!!!

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Aug 27, 2012 #534251

Yes we have had the same issues for over 3yrs, even if we up our speed it drops to 1.0 75% of the time, they are our only option where we live in Grand Marais MN, please tell the world about these scam artists, they are ruining our entire country by ripping millions of people off!!!

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FJ Lozen

May 07, 2012 #476628

I live in Pagosa Springs, CO and was sold "extended", meaning marginal" service by Centurylink. I wasn't informed that I was getting marginal service, just hi-speed internet. From the beginning there were problems and I've spent two months going round with the tech support staff trying to correct regular slow downs and drop-outs. What finally came to light is there has been a "bandwidth exhaust" going on for months (meaning CL has more subscribers than their bandwidth can handle), yet they continue to sign up new customers adding to the problem. More than one tech has declared outright that they never should have signed up extended service in this area.
As this is a tourist area, since Easter the problem has gotten worse. At this time it is possible to obtain hi-speed service for only an hour or two a day... and they just keep signing up more people.
Luckily it turns out that there is an alternative, wireless internet service that will work for me. When hooked up it is my intention to return my modem with a demand for a full refund from Centurylink. If I'm refused, it's my intention to file suit against the corporation for fraud as they have never been able to provide the service they sold me.

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sick of CL

Jan 26, 2012 #416618

Try reporting them to the state attorney general! They were overcharging me for 7 months, when I finally figured it out, they claimed there was nothing they could do, and of course they had a record of what I allegedly agreed to, but what I was told and what was written down were two separate things. They told me there was nothing they could do, that was my price, etc. So, I reported them to the state atty. gen, and what do you know, once the government gets on them, they can suddenly fix things! Well, only 2 months later, and I'm having serious issues with them AGAIN! Another report has been submitted, along with asking them to do something about the WHOLE COMPANY, not just individual complaints. There is also a facebook page for people wanting a class-action suit against them!

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Jan 05, 2012 #403490

Centurylink is a theiving, lying company, they have been charging me premium rates for high speed dsl which has only work proper a few times in the last two years. They take your money but they don't deliver and they lie about that fact they can't. I bet they take all this money and instead of providing services promised, they stick millions of dollars in their CEO's pocket. NO WONDER people in this country are sick of ***, I'm sure their government lobbyist grease the right pockets! What example does this show to anyone, maybe we should be taxed more just as a lesson and put us in our place!

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Jan 04, 2012 #402742

i was contacted by a rep asking me to switch from comcast to century link. I was paying over $250 a month for all my services from comcast, so I asked them how much would they charge for the EXACT SAME type of services, phone, internet, and cable. the sales rep then told me that they could give me the EXACT SAME service for $69.95 a month. I then asked when this price would expire, and how much my service would go up to after that. in my shock, i was told by the rep that the $69.95 was not a promotional discount, it was the actual cost of the services and that my bill would never go up. amazed, i said well how do i know youre not just telling me this, and a few months down the line i end up with a bill thats hundreds of dollars? the rep then told me that i can rest assured that my bill would never change, and if it did, i could have them pull up our phone call that was being recorded and they could hear the price i was told. she said they keep their phone calls on record, just in case something like that ever happens. it was too good to be true. i figured i had nothing to lose, if i ever got a higher bill, i could have them listen to the call, and I would always have a record of the quote i was given.
after asking the rep 5-10 more times if she was POSITIVE that my bill would never go up, i agreed to sign up and she set up an appointment for someone to come out and set it up.
the service tech came out and i even mentioned to him that the price i was quoted
... Show more

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Nov 17, 2011 #375979

Century link has a new scam. Get high speed internet for only $19.95 per month for the next 5 years. Read the small print and then you see that you must upgrade your basic home phone bill an extra $40 per month. So now a person will pay $60 per month for phone and $19.95 for high speed internet. A scam for sure. Read the fine print!

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Pissed in Roswell, NM

Oct 19, 2011 #361098

I was without Internet service for well over a year, and lived quite well without it. I was unhappy with Qwest Internet Service at the time and decided it was not worth it to continue.

Then the Beast -uh- I mean CenturyLink came along, bought Qwest, and I decided in Sept. to give it another try. Boy was that ever a mistake: slow speeds, but finally got the speed up to par AFTER the rep convinced me to try CenturyLink@Ease for a month free (because the tech rep would have to come out to check the box connection, blah, blah, blah... and it would save me $69 AND I could cancel before the month was over). I just got my bill $64.74 bill today which turned out to be $151.00+ due to all the "partial payments", taxes, fees, etc....

Um...As I said, I can live quite well WITHOUT Internet service, and will do so again as soon as their office opens in the morning.

Thank all of you here for sharing your truths/experiences about this company. I thought it was just me, and that maybe I was being unreasonable at first. I see now that I'm not!

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Jul 30, 2011 #320654

We started CenturyLink internet service a couple years ago in a rural area. Much better than the dial up. The service is "3.0 mbps". Just recently video streaming slowed way down with lots of lengthy stalls. Checked the speed with a bunch of online speed testers and mostly 450-700 KBPS (two did report 1.1 & 1.7 MBPS). I contacted Century Link customer support and was directed to their online speed tester. It reported nothing but 2.9 MBPS for each of the six different server locations available.

I just now installed a real time internet speed recorder. I then ran the CenturyLink speed tester and the download speed it reported was again 2.9 MBPS but the real time internet speed recorder recorded only 414 KBPS (peak)during that test.

This sure looks like fraud to me.

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May 04, 2011 #282276

CenturyLink has oversold their capabilities in rural areas and intend on doing absolutely nothing about it. They have a near-monopoly in my area, so it's basically left us with these two options - pay these crooks for DSL and get speed barely better than dial-up, or have no internet at all.

Customer service is a joke and they lied to us for over a week with, "Someone will be out tomorrow to have a look", or "We're sorry, we can't seem to contact the service person for your area". What?!

Once we harassed them enough to get some techs out here, all they did was try to make our terrible connection OUR fault, and left when they couldn't. They were supposed to come back the next day but of course they never did.

CenturyLink is a total scam and I sincerely hope they are sued into a fine powder.

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Mar 04, 2013 #618053 Las Cruces, New Mexico, United States

OMG! same thing with us! guy came out said "yea this wiring isnt the best we may need to fix it later if it causes problems, please call and we will be out to fix it" 3 or 4 months later 17 calls later they say someone will be out tomorrow. he never showed so i called back. "Um im showing he showed up fixed the problem and talked to you?" Me: "Wow so casper is working for you now? cause he sure as *** didnt come here or speak to me?" Her: "Well im showing he did.." Yea biggest scam iv ever seen!

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